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“Paid Off With Michael Torpey” Tackles Student Debt Crisis

Colleges and universities offer opportunities for growth and exploration. They can pave avenues toward bright careers and fruitful endeavors. However, for some, the effects of student loan debt can outweigh the benefits of a college degree. But one game show is hoping to both educate viewers about this issue and help graduates pay off student debt.

New Jersey native Michael Torpey is an actor, comedian and, currently, the host of Paid Off with Michael Torpey. The show, which airs on TruTV, gives college graduates an opportunity to pay off their debt, easing their financial burden. To discuss the importance of using his platform to combat the student debt crisis, Torpey spoke to Steve Adubato, PhD. The following episode of One-on-One With Steve Adubato addresses this important topic.

The Game Show That Helps Pay Off Student Debt

“There are 45 million Americans out there right now,” said Torpey, “(and) over 1.5 trillion dollars of outstanding student debt.

Michael Torpey Talks Student Debt
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“We’re paying off debt for some folks; we’re giving away a lot of money to people,” he adds. “But I can’t host 45 million episodes of this thing. So the show is about raising awareness. It’s about telling stories… so we could put faces to the crisis, and bring change through government.”

Torpey also acknowledges that student debt plays a separate role in students’ lives. For example, many young men and women are basing their field of study choices on potential income; in other words, choosing a career path that can pay off their debt as quickly as possible. Thus, the intimidation student debt carries is pushing some students into jobs they don’t actually want to pursue.

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