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Tom Maoli Shares Secrets to Success on New Radio Show

Everyone wants to know the secret to success. What is it that allows one person to follow and achieve his or her dreams, while others can’t quite reach their goals? New Jersey entrepreneur Tom Maoli may finally have the answer to that question. Born and bred in Jersey, Maoli has built a decades-long career on two simple principles: Trust your gut and never give up.

Many know Maoli throughout the state for his thriving automobile empire, which includes Lexus of Route 10 and Maserati of Morris County, as well as his considerable real estate holdings, including The Abbey in Morristown, condominiums, apartments, and shopping malls. But even Maoli admits he didn’t shoot straight to the top.

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It’s Not Easy When You’re Starting Out

The businessman is open about the fact that he faced many hurdles early on in his career, and credits his perseverance as the driving force behind the success he’s found since. Now, after years of defying the odds and coming out on top in the business world, Maoli is sharing the goods on how to set business goals and reach them with his 77 WABC radio show, “Go Big or Go Home.”

Tom Maoli

Speaking to Best of NJ, Maoli explained that he chose this particular moniker as a reference to the very foundation of beginning a successful business, “You just do it right or you don’t do it at all. Don’t do it halfway, go all the way; and if you’re going to do it, do it the right way and don’t half step.”

The show — which covers such topics as entrepreneurial business advice, investing in real estate and obtaining financing for a startup — features guest speakers each week as they share the personal journeys that led to successful entrepreneurial careers in a variety of fields. For example, one episode centers on former Calvin Klein Vice President Bobby Collins, as he discusses the decision to leave his corporate job in favor of pursuing his dream of becoming a comedian. Other guests so far include world-renowned Mentalist The Amazing Kreskin and Real Estate Investor Jim Downs, among others.

Tom Maoli Says Go Big or Go Home

Discussing the hook of the show, Maoli explained, “There’s a lot of people out there that are sitting in corporate America and they want to get out from behind the cubicle, but they don’t know what to do.” Helping local residents build wealth, get out of debt and start their own successful business are all key themes for the weekly radio segment.

Tom Maoli

You can probably guess the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur: Committing to taking the leap and just starting is paramount. This doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the security of a full-time career to pursue a lifelong dream, either. These businesses are often built at night and on the weekends, long after normal working hours are over. It’s knowing when to finally leap, and having the courage to do so, that Maoli stresses as most important.

“It’s all about execution. There are so many people out there that stretch, and you’re on first base, you take one foot off and you’re stretching towards second, but you still keep that one foot on first because you want that security blanket, and there aren’t many people that just say ‘go,’” Maoli explains.

The Secret To Success

Next comes the real challenge; keeping your business venture afloat. According to Maoli, “It’s sustainability of a business. 90 percent of businesses fail the first time, but 80 percent of businesses, if they were to be started a second time, because of experience, succeed the second time. But 90 percent of people only try once.”

Tom Maoli

He added that people who make the decision to strike out on their own “have to stick with it, they have to keep their head down and get through the trials and errors of getting there.”

Alongside the business conversation that remains prevalent on Maoli’s radio show is the very human aspect of having a dream and hoping that it may one day come true (with some hard work, of course).

“Go Big or Go Home” airs on 77 WABC Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm. Questions are welcome by calling in to 1-800-848-9222 or sending an email through Maoli’s site.

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