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Mufasa Actor Discusses The Lion King on Broadway

One of the most inspiring elements in a child’s life is the performing arts. They captivate us with raw entertainment and, in many cases, motivate the younger generation to celebrate imagination and creativity. Those that do, however, grow up to be big stars often find their way to either Broadway or Hollywood. For the Broadway-bound, there are few honors greater than performing in The Lion King.

Steve Adubato recently sat down with King Mufasa himself, actor and entertainer Alton Fitzgerald White. White is Broadway’s longest running performer as King Mufasa in The Lion King. He is also the author of his memoir My Pride: Mastering Life’s Daily Performance. White came to the set of One-on-One with Steve Adubato to discuss his remarkable milestones.

Alton Fitzgerald White is a Broadway Icon in The Lion King

As Mufasa, White has performed on Broadway more than 4,300 times over 13 years. Of course, The Lion King features an array of important characters who help to turn the story into a masterpiece. But King Mufasa is certainly chief among them. As such, he plays an enormous part in the show.

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As such a crucial member of the ensemble, you might think that White was born to perform on stage. As a matter of fact, he admits that it wasn’t easy for him to work up the courage to perform.

“I was a very shy kid, and I loved performing by myself,” White said. “I would do these little concerts by myself in my closet, the storage area, in complete silence, because I was so shy and so afraid. I thought, ‘There’s no way that I will ever find the courage to share this with the world.’”

It took some time, but he eventually found the spirit and tenacity to follow his passion. Fortunately for White, his parents were encouraging and supportive, enabling him to pursue his talents. Now, he is a Broadway icon and the author of a meaningful memoir.

“The overall message (of the memoir) is it’s not only about where you come from, it’s about where you want to get to, and that we are our own greatest resource,” said White.

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