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HGTV Stars, The Cousins, Discuss New Children’s Book

Carpentry is an important skill that most people are willing to “leave to the professionals” when something goes wrong. This general lack of knowledge is also likely why so many people enjoy watching construction and “home makeover” TV shows. But HGTV’s “The Cousins” want to make carpentry a more appealing career path. To do so, they’ve written a children’s book that encourages kids to take an interest in building with tools.

Real-life cousins and New Jersey natives Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri are both known for their hit remodeling show: Kitchen Cousins. On the show, they use their expertise to make dazzling renovations to kitchens in need. In addition to their HGTV show, the cousins have a new series coming to Ellen DeGeneres’s EllenTube.com.

The Cousins Publish New Carpentry Book for Kids

To spread the word about their latest project, The Cousins spoke to Steve Adubato, PhD. For this episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato, Carrino and Colaneri spoke about their new children’s book: What Can You Do with a Toolbox?

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“We’ve done so many construction shows; we’ve worked with a ton of people all over the country,” Colaneri explains. “And we said, ‘You know what? It’s time to really get kids involved.’

“I would go into my wife’s preschool class,” he adds. “I would teach the kids about tools. I’d bring my tool belt. They were so engaged. And my wife is like, ‘You guys need to do this for children and actually write your own book. Stop reading other construction books—do your own.’”

After some thought, The Cousins wrote a book that motivates children to build and create with tools. Hopefully, it will inspire young learners to take an interest in carpentry skills.

Want to learn more about What Can You Do with a Toolbox? Then check out this full episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato.

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