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Essential Football Gear for the NJ Tailgater

Tailgating is more than just a parking lot party. It’s an experience – an experiment in ultimate fandom where team spirit needs to be visible on every surface possible. It’s a movable feast that has to look like it’s taken weeks to set up — when it’s often done in under an hour! But the most important part? You need the right football gear.

The good news? Themed tailgates are totally easy to pull off, thanks to food-focused football gear like straws, koozies, bottle openers and more. From the simple keychain to the customized grill, every aspect of your tailgate — or viewing party from the couch — will have you cheering on the Giants. Or the Jets. Or Rutgers. Or the Eagles.

Ready to root on your team and have a party while doing it? Here is the must-have football gear for a fun fall season. (If you’d rather hit the bar, check out our list of The Best NJ Bars for Watching Football.)

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Rutgers University Football Gear

Double-Sided Mug

If you are an early riser or start your party hours before kickoff, this mug will make your morning coffee taste that much better.
To buy: Lids.com

Customized Tailgating Grill

This grill easily attaches to your tailgate for a literal “tailgate party.” Yes, you will get honks for this one.
To buy: Tailgatingideas.com

Can Koozie

LIDS designed their can koozie (or cozie, if you prefer) to stay cool all day. So you can wrap this around your brew or bottle for the perfect grip and temperature all while cheering on your team. (Don’t worry, LIDS makes the koozie for all teams, in case you’re cheering for — gasp! — a non-local team.)
To buy: Lids.com

Bottle Opener

If your keys aren’t showing off your team spirit, you’ve got to reevaluate your dedication. This is a can’t-leave-home-without-it fan item.
To buy: Lids.com

Folding Chair

No matter what anyone says, there are never enough chairs are a party. Show of your spirit and have a place to sit with this easy-to-carry and comfy folding chair.
To buy: Sears.com

Philadelphia Eagles Gear

Sportula Set

If you’re in charge of the grill, you need a sportula set. This 3-piece set — including a sport-themed spatula, tongs, and a fork — all are made of heavy duty-stainless steel and hard maple handles, perfect to handle whatever you’re throwing on the grill. And speaking of the grill…
To buy: Lids.com

Deluxe Grill Cover

Keep your grill protected from the elements while showing off your Eagles pride. The NFL-approved Deluxe BBQ Grill Cover is made out of durable vinyl so it will be easy to wipe off and whip off to grill in time for the game.
To buy: Bedbathandbeyond.com

Pint Glass

Toast the winning TD in style. A logo emblazed Boelter Brands Elite Pint Glass shows off the Eagle’s logo at the front and back and will add some bird pride to your football gear.
To buy: Lids.com

Paper Straws

These are the perfect straws for the eco-conscious fan. Colorful, fun and creative, Aardvark straws are the only FDA-approved, eco-friendly paper straws made entirely in the USA and are super durable. Order big batches so you can create customized Eagles cocktails that are easy to dress up. Bonus: Aardvark makes them for all teams, even college.
To buy: www.aardvarkstraws.com

Double Wall Plastic Cup

If you’re an Eagles fan, there is no way you can be seen drinking out of a red Solo cup, no matter how quintessential they are for tailgating. Bring your own reusable plastic cup that is respectable for public viewing.
To buy: Lids.com

New York Jets Gear

Rolling Cooler

Secure your beverages easily with the rolling New York Jets cooler — that doubles as a backpack if you need your hands free to high-five fellow Jets fans over a TD.
To buy: Walmart.com

Picnic Basket

Yeah, yeah, it’s easy to dismiss football fans as not the typical picnicking type. But this champ-style basket just might change that. It comes complete two porcelain plates, two wine glasses, silverware, corkscrew, and napkins (all decked out with the Jets logo, of course!).
To buy: Sportsunlimitied.com

Hip Flask

Face it: Jets fans have had it rough. Get through the game’s facepalm-inducing moments with a swig from your hip flask.
To buy: Lids.com

Chip & Dip Tray

Feed those hungry game-day guests in style. Load it up with chips and dip (green guac is obviously a fan favorite) to show off your team spirit on the snack table.
To buy: nflshop.com

Car Coasters

Drive to and from the game without missing a step. These car coasters fit right into your car’s cup holder so no one will be confused about where your loyalties lie.
To buy: Lids.com

New York Giants Gear

24-Can Soft Sided Cooler

You never have to wait for your can to get cold — or worry about it going warm — with this compact, yet larger than life, cooler that holds a case of cans easily.
To buy: Lids.com

Portable Patio Bar Set

If you’re tired of tailgating out of your, well, tailgate, this solves all your problems. This Giants-themed bar set zips up into its own carrying case so you can pop up a bar anywhere — but it’s nice enough to stay permanently set up in your backyard.
To buy: Homedepot.com

Tailgate Toss

Easy to pack and even easier to set up, this football gear is a must have while you’re waiting for kickoff or in between quarters. Everything has a Giants logo on it, even the 8 bean bags, but they come in home/away sets so you can easily keep score.
To buy: Whitehippo.com

Hershey’s Kiss Candy

Celebrate the win with kisses — Hershey’s chocolate Kisses that is. Order up a bunch of these tasty treats to give out or snack on for the ultimate Giants-themed party. (And yes, you can get Jets-branded candy as well.)
To buy: ebay.com

Transportable Tailgate Grill

Never be caught without a burger again. This portable propane grill is a must for game-day tailgates. Each grill comes equipped with a porcelain-coated lid and Giants color logo. A drip pan and grill service are removable and dishwasher safe for easy clean up.
To buy: Sportsdealbox.com

Hero (Top) Feature Image: © Monkey Business / Adobe Stock
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Plastic Cup / Lids
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