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Injury Can’t Keep this Inspirational Athlete Down

Even with technology keeping children indoors now more than ever, sports are a major part of a child’s life. As kids mature, they find role models in athletes such as Joe Montana, Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky. Likewise, players like former Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand, enter college hoping to join the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL.

Unfortunately, not everyone does; some don’t possess the skills necessary to compete, some lose interest, and some, like LeGrand, have their careers halted unexpectedly by injuries.

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This Athlete Has a Powerful Story to Tell

In October of 2010, while on special teams, LeGrand collided with the ball carrier, severely injuring his spinal cord and ending his playing career. An injury even half as detrimental as LeGrand’s is enough to send most athletes spiraling down into a deep depression, but in the past five years, LeGrand has proven that he is a true warrior, constantly speaking positively and offering listeners hope and encouragement.

Steve Adubato, PhD., host of One-on-One, sat down with LeGrand, who told Adubato about how his life changed that one October day. But despite all the hardship LeGrand has faced, he refuses to quit; he maintains that he is still very fortunate and blessed, and he is still determined to walk again one day.

He told Adubato: “You have to be appreciative of things in life; there’s going to be a lot of adversity that you face in life, but don’t ever let that adversity hold you back. It’s how you handle that adversity which ultimately defines us as people.”

Nearly every word LeGrand speaks is inspirational and hopeful. To hear more about LeGrand’s life and his optimistic outlook, check out this edition of One-on-One with Steve Adubato.

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One on One with Steve Adubato

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