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Preschool of Rock Teaches Toddlers Music and Life Lessons

You’re never too young to enjoy rock and roll. The catchy riffs, energetic drum beats and fluid vocals are enthralling to not just adults but young children as well. It only takes a taste of that old fashioned rock and roll to get hooked for a lifetime. Though music is a spirited and entertaining form of art, it can also be an effective teaching tool for young students. That’s why one New Jersey musician created the Preschool of Rock.

Joanna Gagis welcomed Michael Napolitano, founder and director of Preschool of Rock, to speak on an episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis. During the chat, Napolitano shared his inspiration for starting a music school for toddlers that uses rock and roll to teach about music and life. He also discussed how rock and roll can teach kids and their families life lessons.

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This video was made possible thanks to Berkeley College.

According to Napolitano, Preschool of Rock is a much different and “edgier” educational environment for young children and toddlers. “We don’t sit down, and it’s a whole rock and roll experience,” he said of the class. “It’s like a show, and the kids are part of the show. They get their own instruments, and they get to explore our instruments each week.”

In an era when tech-savvy children are constantly watching television, playing video games and surfing the web, an interactive and engaging environment is vital to facilitate mental growth. The Preschool of Rock has a number of programs to provide students just that, along with a collaborative environment.

Music that incorporates lyrics has also proven to help promote literacy for toddlers, and Napolitano explained that Preschool of Rock utilizes music to help improve students’ language and vocabulary.

Napolitano now has around twenty of these innovative preschools throughout New Jersey and New York.

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