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Montclair Film Fosters Next Generation Storytellers

Storytelling is a valuable skill to possess, whether it be through books, radio, games or film. With that in mind, the greatest filmmakers of the past century all mastered the art of storytelling. For young filmmakers, events like the Montclair Film Festival offer a chance to showcase their talent. Now, one New Jersey organization is helping people tell their stories—through film and beyond.

Bob Feinberg, founder and Chairman of the Board of Montclair Film, has big plans for the festival. He recently sat down with Steve Adubato, PhD., for an episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato. Feinerg, who is also vice president and general counsel of WNET, spoke about the power of film and storytelling.

More About Montclair Film

Montclair Film is a community-based film nonprofit in Essex County. The organization is best known for organizing the annual Montclair Film Festival, which takes place every spring. Moreover, the distinguished film festival features new American and international works from a number of genres. In addition to its film festival, Montclair Film also offers educational and public programs throughout the year.

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“[Montclair Film] started eight years ago as an annual film festival, which grew year by year, (and has received) great acceptance in the community and beyond,” said Feinberg.

In 2015, Investors Bank, a supporter of Montclair Film, donated a six thousand square foot building on Bloomfield Avenue. Afterward, the organization worked diligently to turn it into the Investors Bank Film and Media Center.

Feinberg and his associates constructed “a 65-seat multi-purpose cinema, an education complex where we do classes, and administrative office space for our year-round staff,” he explained. “We do classes for kids, adults in filmmaking, improv, comedy… storytelling.”

In the beginning, the organization envisioned helping people tell stories, largely through film. But since its inception, Montclair Film’s reach has grown significantly. In fact, it even encompasses a podcast studio, which serves both functional and educational purposes. Additionally, the venue hosts live, stand-up “story slams” where people can come share their stories. For example, past story slams have included stories from cancer survivors.

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