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Jewelbots is a Local Business Inspiring Girls to Pursue STEM

The science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field is one of the most progressive, expansive and rewarding around. However, it can be difficult to illustrate this to young, aspiring students discovering their career paths. Fortunately for residents of the tri-state area, organizations such as Jewelbots are helping grow interest in STEM. Particularly, they are attracting girls and young women to these career fields.

On this episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato, the show host discovers more about Jewelbots. Speaking to Sara Chipps, CEO, he learns about the company’s mission, which encourages girls to pursue careers in STEM.

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Jewelbots Friendship Bracelets Inspire Girls to Pursue STEM

JewelBots Helps Girls Learn STEM
Special thanks to New Jersey Institute of Technology for making this video possible.

Jewelbots prides itself on offering “smart jewelry for smart girls,” and is based out of New York. The company’s high-quality technology and accessories help to encourage young girls who aspire to be engineers, designers and more. Jewelbots hopes to assist in growing the STEM field by filling it with knowledgeable, well-studied and capable female minds. But that starts by familiarizing children with the subject matter at a young age.

Since young children are already glued to smart technology, Jewelbots saw an opportunity. With that in mind, Chipps and her colleagues found a way to engage young girls while also educating them.

“At Jewelbots, we’ve been working on smart friendship bracelets as a way to inspire young girls to start coding,” said Chipps. “Coding is the way we tell computers what to do.”

Near the beginning of Chipps’s journey, she and her colleagues held a focus group with around 200 young girls. After asking girls what would get them to try coding, many had a similar response; they mostly want to try things that their friends will also do. Jewelbots used this fact to design a girl’s bracelet that lights up when a friend is nearby. Girls have been in love with the product and process ever since.

Want to learn more about what Jewelbots is doing to embolden and inspire young women? Then don’t miss this segment of One-on-One with Steve Adubato.

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