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“Hell’s Kitchen” Winner Chef Ariel Fox Offers Keys to Success

Many chefs dream of the chance to compete on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. However, despite the show’s impressive run of 18 seasons and counting, few of the world’s chefs actually get the chance. It takes more than just hard work and talent to earn a spot, something Chef Ariel Fox knows all about.

As a recent winner of Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Fox knows what it takes to succeed in the culinary world. To learn about some of her keys to success, Steve Adubato sat down with the chef to hear her story. As part of the One-on-One with Steve Adubato interview series, the two spoke about Chef Fox’s career.

Hell’s Kitchen Winner Chef Ariel Fox

Beyond winning one of the most popular network cooking shows, she also is the Concept Executive Chef at Dos Caminos in Soho, New York City. After wowing experts around the globe, including Chef Ramsay himself, Fox continues to prove her cooking abilities. In fact, Chef Ramsay says her progress and skills are something to admire.

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“They brought me in to take over and kind of breathe new life into the brand,” Chef Fox says about Dos Caminos. “It’s not just about coming up with dishes and cooking with whatever I want. It’s about figuring out what is the identity of the restaurant.”

Chef Fox agrees that the culinary profession is one of the hardest to grow in. However, she has some advice for young chefs who are determined to succeed.

“Don’t play it safe,” Chef Fox suggests. “From this moment forward, you’ve got to push yourself; you’ve got to make yourself uncomfortable… If you can’t find your Zen amongst the chaos and the angst, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough; and you’ll never succeed or get further than the wall you’ve put up for yourself. So you have to constantly be uncomfortable. If you’re comfortable, you’re not going to grow.”

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