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Estro Digital Discusses Impact of Millennials in the Workforce

A lot is said about the Millennial generation and their entry into the workforce. But the truth is, most don’t have much in the way of job security; motivation comes in short supply when hard work doesn’t earn the same safety net offered to previous generations. However, there are some companies, like Estro Digital Communications, still willing to reward loyalty.

During this episode of Think Tank with Steve Adubato, the show host speaks with businessman Christian Estrellado. Estrellado is the co-founder and chief digital officer of Estro Digital Communications. His company, based in Westwood, specializes in website development, digital marketing and e-commerce. Estro employs a team of experts and creative professionals who help to educate, engage and empower their clients.

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Estro Digital Talks Millennials in the Workforce

Beyond learning about Estrellado’s journey as an entrepreneur, Adubato also broached the subject of Millennials in the workforce. During the discussion, Estrellado mentions his company’s involvement with Generation Now.

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“Generation Now is a subcommittee of [Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey],” says Estrellado. “It focuses on people who are 45 and under who we believe are being groomed by their superiors over at their firms and their companies to take over leadership roles. The biggest thing that we wanted to do was to both, not just train millennials in the workplace; but also give them a sense of recognition and sort of empowerment for them to actually start growing.”

Generation Now promotes hard work and leadership. The group looks for people who have been at their jobs for more than five years; oftentimes these same men and women are millennials. In fact, despite the “millennial” stigma, Estrellado explains that many of them are loyal to their positions. Additionally, millennials possess new age skills and knowledge that help to improve functionality in the workplace. Getting them to stay with a company promotes its efficiency and success in the long run.

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