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The Business Benefit of Gender Diversity in the Workforce

Offices, factories and warehouses alike were once male-dominated settings. Presently, however, the number of females finding careers in different fields continues to grow. This is a significantly positive move in the right direction; gender diversity in the workforce emphasizes and promotes success for not just the employees, but for businesses as well.

Recently, Steve Adubato, PhD., spoke with Michele N. Siekerka, Esq., president and CEO of New Jersey Business & Industry Association. The two discussed the topic of how women leadership roles have changed over the years. Siekerka also shared the importance of gender diversity in the workforce.

The Importance of Workplace Gender Diversity

Michele Siekerka Discusses Gender Diversity in the Workforce
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In September 2018, Siekerka brought together women and other community and professional leaders for an event titled “Empowering Together.”

“It was an incredible program,” says Siekerka. “Women’s leadership is so important, and it’s not just about getting women in a room and talking about what are the issues affecting women—it’s about hardcore leadership skills and helping these women attain those skills and, even more so, creating visibility to the women who have those skills.”

These skills include the ability to negotiate and influence, good communication, confidence, and being proactive. In truth, many of these important leadership skills evolve from life experiences; but endeavors such as Siekerka’s, help to instill these traits in aspiring future leaders.

Siekerka also says the number of females on professional boards is continuously rising. Though the number doesn’t spike drastically each year, continuous, steady progress is made. Empowering Together strives to continue this positive progress.

“The idea of ‘Empowering Together’ is it isn’t just about building your own skills and being a leader in yourself,” Siekerka states. “No leader is a good leader unless they empower others to be leaders.

“And that’s what we shared that day (during September’s Empowering Together),” she adds. “It’s how do we empower each other—men and women?”

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