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A CALL TO MEN Redefines Masculinity & Breaks Down the “Man Box”

What defines a man? The answer to this question is ever-changing; though there are certain pillars of masculinity that, for better or worse, remain the same. For example, many boys grow up around violence, some even learning teachings that contradict peace. But one New York-based organization, A CALL TO MEN, is turning the tables on violence and masculinity. They hope to redefine what it means to be a “man.”

Show host Steve Adubato spoke with Tony Porter during a recent taping of One-on-One with Steve Adubato. Porter is the CEO of A CALL TO MEN, an organization working to prevent sexual abuse amongst women and men. A CALL TO MEN also strives to help men break out of their “man box.”

The first step is identifying the limitations of what a man is “supposed” to be; then providing the tools to rise above these confinements.

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A CALL TO MEN Wants to Redefine Masculinity

Porter is an author, educator and activist who has been coaching, teaching, mentoring and inspiring men for years. A CALL TO MEN began nearly two decades ago, educating men on how to live a healthy and respectful manhood. The organization works and trains men from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, US Military, Department of Justice and the UN.

A Call to Men Redefines Masculinity
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In his teachings, Porter discusses breaking out of the “man box,” a phrase often lost on many.

“When we talk about the ‘man box,’ it gives men a visual,” says Porter. “What we’re actually talking about is the collective socialization of manhood; how men are collectively taught to think and act and, in many cases, behave.”

Porter went on to explain that not every man acts the same way, whether in positive or negative respects. However, men all have at least a basic understanding of how a culture defines manhood. This is because it is taught to them from a young age.

There are numerous notions of manhood that can sometimes overwhelm men. Porter’s organization examines the “ingredients” of a man box, using them to educate and put men on the right path.

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