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Best of NJ Spotlight: Jon Bon Jovi

John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. – more famously known as Jon Bon Jovi – was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey on March 2, 1962. Bon Jovi spent his youth in the Garden State, and is in fact a blood relative of another New Jersey-bred musician: Frank Sinatra. Though the soon-to-be rocker grew up in a Catholic household, he was a bit of a trouble maker, often skipping school as a teenager.

Bon Jovi developed a passion for music at a young age; he played in local bands with friends, and by the age of 16 was already playing clubs in the area. At 17, he got a job at The Power Station, a recording studio run by his cousin. A few years after that, Bon Jovi recorded an original song titled Runaway. Finding a record company interested in the song proved difficult, until he approached WAPP 103.5 FM “The Apple” in New York City, who added the song to a compilation album of local talent. The song became an instant hit and ignited Bon Jovi’s music career.

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Setting the Stage

Bon JoviImmediately after the success of Runaway, he was signed to Mercury Records. Under the band name “Bon Jovi,” he and his bandmates released a self-titled debut album in 1984. He eventually became an internationally recognized musical group, touring the world and releasing hit albums throughout the 1980s, ‘90s, and 2000s.

Bon Jovi worked with a number of other famous artists throughout his career, and even enjoyed a minor career as an actor. But it’s his musical creativity and engaging demeanor that has made him such a success. His stage presence and energetic, melody-driven tunes are still creating fans world wide. The New Jersey-native has accomplished countless feats in the music world, and continues to stay active today, at the young age of 54!

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