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Tips to Keep Your Inner Bridezilla at Bay in the New Year

The ultimate New Year’s resolution for brides-to-be is to quit, or outright avoid, being a bridezilla. It’s no secret that wedding planning is a stressful ordeal. Between the cost, family dynamics, cake tastings and dance lessons, the pressure to tie it all together is intense.

Thankfully, there are a few tips brides can keep in mind during the planning process to keep their inner bridezilla at bay.

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Admit You Have a Problem

As the new year approaches, brides should look in the mirror and reflect on what they have done. Did you belittle your bridesmaid for incorrectly tying the bow on the sachet favors? Did you un-invite your future mother-in-law to your wedding? Is your maid of honor avoiding your calls and ignoring your texts? The first step is recognizing you have a problem. Say it out loud.

Make Things Right

Once you are aware of your behavior, you must address it. For starters, apologize to those you’ve mistreated. Be heartfelt and don’t make excuses. Promise to be more caring moving forward. Remember, your wedding is just one day. You don’t want to alienate your loved ones before setting out on your marriage journey, which requires support.
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Take a Deep Breath

If you are shouting down bridesmaids and being surly with your mom, then maybe you should consider getting some rest and relaxation. Instead of worrying about the floral arrangements or which roses you plan to carry down the aisle, go for a walk among the flowers in the nearest public garden.

Ask for Help

Micromanaging forces you to take all the responsibility and heap it onto your shoulders. Of course, when things go awry, you alone feel the pressure. When you ask for help, you can relieve yourself of some chores and the stress of those tasks.

Just take care to ask for help nicely. Don’t demand friends and family do this and that, or bark orders at them. Rather, see if they are available to lend a hand. Try to pick chores that suit their interests, or those they might enjoy. Perhaps most importantly, remember to show gratitude when they come through for you.
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Focus on Other Things

Yes, your wedding is a big deal. It’s a milestone event, and one of the only chances most have to gather all their friends and family in one place to celebrate. But it should not be all consuming. You should keep up with other hobbies and passions. If you’re on a date night with your spouse-to-be, you should talk about what’s happening in your life besides the wedding. Get your mind off the event, and the knots in your stomach might unwind a bit. If that happens, bridezilla may never rear her ugly head.

Just Say No

Commit to never being a bridezilla again. Tell yourself this behavior is unacceptable. Recognize that it could result in losing relationships with loved ones. Realize that no spouse is going to be thrilled about marrying a bridezilla. It’s not a pretty picture. Your stress will beget his stress.

Choose kindness and ditch the bridezilla ways. No boot camps for your bridesmaids (unless you all want to attend a Bridal Show together). Maybe you can even let them wear whatever color nail polish they want. Kiss the groom and write thank you notes to the helpful in-laws, for instance. If you fall off the wagon and have a bridezilla moment, catch yourself and make things right immediately.
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You don’t want your legacy to be as a monster bride tearing your bridesmaids to shreds either figuratively, literally, or both. Begin 2018 with the promise to leave your bridezilla days behind you once and for all. For those that haven’t started their wedding planning yet, make a resolution to never become one at all.