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The Most Unique NJ Garden Center & Farm Events

In recent years, garden centers and farms have seen a number of exciting changes. In truth, they have become much more than just places to buy plants and pet animals. As consumers continue to want to get “closer to the source,” these businesses are happily obliging; for example, many now offer one-of-a-kind events, including everything from yoga to festivals to workshops.

What makes these events truly unique, however, is their location. Many are set right inside the greenhouses and barns, among the plants and animals. Although this is a relatively new trend, many NJ garden centers are creating annual activities for visitors to enjoy. This article will introduce you to a few of our favorites!

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Camp Mamamama, Bear Creek Herbary

494 Lakewood Farmingdale Road, Howell
Tuesday, August 28th 9:00 – 12:00pm

Howell’s Bear Creek Herbary is offering a special day camp for mamas and their cubs. The 15-acre property includes a koi pond, greenhouse, chicken coup, bunnies, greenhouse and plenty of space to roam. At Camp Mamamama, mothers and children can connect with each other and others for a morning of “campy” fun. The activities cater to kids ages 0-5 and include a scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, and a music class; of course, there will also be plenty of opportunities for running and playing.

Moms can enjoy delicious bites from Talula’s and even get some swag; not to mention the great memories, new friends and plenty of “Instagrammable” photos. Tickets cost $98 per mom, and each ticket is good for both moms and their kids. For more information, or to purchase a ticket, visit the Camp Mamamama Eventbrite page.

NJ Garden Center Events: Beyond Organic Growers

Dinners Inside the Greenhouse, Beyond Organic Growers

89 Howell Road, Freehold

When you think of a greenhouse, you likely don’t imagine large pillars full of greenery. It may also seem strange to picture a long dinner table. But that’s exactly the scene at Beyond Organic Growers during their pop up dinner events. Various chefs host each dinner party, usually featuring produce grown on-site. To stay in the loop about upcoming dinner events, visit Beyond Organic Growers on Facebook.

Hydroponic Classes, Shore Grow

3329A Doris Avenue, Ocean Twp.

How often can you attend a class for free anymore? At Shore Grow, you’ll do just that as well as learn insider tips and tricks for boosting your plants’ growth. Free classes include Hydroponics 101 (growing plants in water), cloning, increasing yields, and an introduction to basic industry standards. To learn more about upcoming Shore Grow classes, visit them on Facebook.

Yoga Classes, Yoga Barn

129 Colts Neck Farm Road, Farmingdale

Set inside an actual barn, Yoga Barn is an entirely new type of yoga studio; one with the barn doors wide open, twinkling string lights above, and the breeze from the great outdoors drifting in. (In addition to potential visits from Dakota the donkey or any of founder and owner Melanie Kramer’s other rescue animals.) Meanwhile, Yoga Barn also offers yoga-inspired events like mala bead making and essential oil classes. For more information visit, https://www.yogabarnnj.com/

NJ Garden Center Events: Moon Sister Festival

Moon Sister Rising, Edel Haus Alpaca Farm

2660 Allaire Road, Wall Twp.
Saturday, September 22nd 10:00am – 6:00pm

The Moon Sister Rising Festival is making its debut on the first day of the fall season. The inaugural event takes place at one of Wall Township’s most popular attractions, The Edel Haus Alpaca Farm. The festival is all about “a celebration of high vibrations,” according to the Eventbrite description. In other words, you can expect yoga, live music, food vendors and more. Tickets range in price from $45-75, with more activities yet to be announced. Don’t miss your chance to “be barefoot, be wild, and be free.”

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Moon Sister Rising Festival

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