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Powerflow Yoga Heats Up New Jersey

This sponsored post was prepared and provided by Powerflow Yoga.

Yoga is for everybody. This is something Powerflow Yoga truly believes, and they aim to bring the practice to as many people as possible in New Jersey—and beyond. Powerflow Yoga started with one studio in Chatham in 2008. Today, they serve students at 10 locations with more on the way; their 11th and 12th studios are coming to Asbury Park and Jersey City.

Powerflow Yoga offers hot power vinyasa, an athletic style of yoga, practiced in the heat. The studios are warmed to 98 degrees with 40 percent humidity. Students go to strengthen their bodies and calm their minds. The heat offers another layer of challenge and the opportunity to sweat out stress and toxins. Even experienced Yogis fall in love with it.

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Owner Jerry LePore loves hot power vinyasa so much that he’s dedicated his life to Powerflow. Twelve years ago, he was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia, a rare cancer of the blood; hot power yoga helped him heal after chemo. Today, he’s thriving, thankful for both his health and career. “I get to run a business that I truly believe can change people’s lives,” he says. Yoga definitely changed his for the better.

Powerflow YogaWhat makes Powerflow unique is the full experience each studio offers. When students walk in, they are greeted by friendly, dedicated and loyal staff. Classes are consistent because PFY recruits the very best yoga teachers. They pride themselves on offering the highest quality amenities, too, including showers and filtered water coolers.

All studios have a boutique offering yoga apparel and accessories. Plus, each yoga class ends in a special way: Teachers walk around the room during final resting pose, called savasana, and place a cool eucalyptus towel on students’ foreheads. Yogis look forward to this popular perk.

People need a space dedicated to personal growth, and PFY offers just that. PFY President and teacher, Alison McCue, has been practicing hot yoga for nearly 15 years. “At the beginning, it was all about the calorie burn and sweat. But over time, practice has been more about focusing on my breath, centering myself and keeping my body strong and flexible,” she says. “Science has been confirming the age-defying effects of regular yoga practice for years, but just recently, I have noticed these benefits in myself,” McCue adds.

Powerflow YogaPFY welcomes practitioners of all experience levels, from brand new beginners to experienced yogis who have practiced for years. During the month of January only, new students are invited to experience 1 free week of yoga, an offer good in all locations. PFY also has monthly unlimited Power Plus Memberships and other class packages.

PFY offers more than 350 classes per week, including hot power vinyasa, basics (for beginners, practiced in warm room), yoga for athletes, yin, restorative and more. If students are interested in becoming yoga teachers, they can enroll in the Powerflow School of Yoga’s 200 and 300-hour teacher training programs.

Powerflow Yoga’s intention is always the same. Their mission is to offer excellent hot power yoga experiences to as many people as possible in supportive, positive and welcoming environments. As McCue explains, “We have diverse, close-knit communities across all of our studios,” she adds. “I love our unique energy and how we attract like-minded people who are all here for the right reasons.”

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This sponsored post was prepared and provided by Powerflow Yoga.

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