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New Jersey & Cuba: Future Business Partners?

When President Obama eased travel restrictions to Cuba as part of the Cuban Thaw — the name given to the reestablishment of Cuban-U.S. relationships — it made international headlines. But the new policies have may mean a lot for New Jersey; besides merely seeing Cuba as a potential future vacation destination.

NJ has the second-highest concentration of Cuban-Americans — second to Florida — making it a prime business partner. Meanwhile, Carlos Medina is Chairman of New Jersey’s Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; now, he’s sitting down with Steve Adubato, PhD, to discuss the economic opportunities for New Jersey’s residents. In particular, he spoke during a taping of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato.

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The Changing Landscape of Cuba

Medina recently visited Cuba, where he toured an organic farm and an artisan community, among other businesses. “The people [were] very warm, very engaging, very anxious to have ties again with the United States and with their Cuban-American counterparts,” he said. And given New Jersey’s large Cuban population, Cubans want to do business with the Garden State.

“Because of that cultural bond, all the individuals I met with in Cuba, they said, ‘We want to do work with Cuban-Americans. You understand us, you’re our brothers, you’re our sisters.'”

In addition, there’s a lot of potential for business, Medina says. “Cuba needs a lot: It needs infrastructure, it needs engineering, it needs construction.” Specifically, there are potential jobs for “engineers, architects, design opportunities, opportunities for contractors,” he says.

But not everyone is keen for New Jersey to start doing business with Cuba. To learn more about the situation, check out this edition of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato.

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