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Hopewell: Beautiful Places in New Jersey

Our Beautiful Places in New Jersey series shines a light on the can’t-miss towns throughout the state. From quaint boroughs to bustling cities, the places we feature are full of things to do and shops to visit. In today’s feature, we visit Hopewell, a Central Jersey town that is simply delightful; if you have never been here before, you owe it to yourself to take a trip to this town.

Hopewell is a charming little town in Mercer County, north of Trenton with a population of 2,000. This tiny little town is filled with antique stores. The Broad Street Antique Center, Aquamanile Antiques and the Tomato Factory call Hopewell home.

In the photo below an old bistro chair holds an old antiques sign and on the ground next to these items are some flowers and a few architectural fragments in stone.

Some photos that we took along Broad Street are shown in our Hopewell NJ Photo Gallery below:

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