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The Best of: Newark Comic Con

New Jersey is fully embracing its nerdy side; from the Garden State Comic Fest at the William G. Mennen Sports Arena to the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, superhero fans have had an action-packed year. Most recently, Newark Comic Con came to Brick City’s Waterfront Place behind Bear Stadium, to the delight of comic fans.

The event, which was loads of fun for guests of all ages, was a hotspot for lovers of comics, art, games, apparel and collectibles. During its single day of operation on Saturday, August 20, Newark Comic Con featured two indoor areas and an outdoor space overflowing with writers, artists, vendors and exhibitors.

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Comic Con Comes to Newark

Newark Comic Con started bright and early, with fans and cosplayers alike lined up outside the Waterfront Place. Once the doors opened, the entire property was flooded with many guests who traveled for miles to browse through the vast collections of memorabilia, souvenirs and art, and meet the talented amateur and professional comic book writers and artists who were also in attendance.

There was no shortage of cosplayers at this year’s event; numerous guests dressed up as their favorite comic book heroes and villains, like Captain America, Poison Ivy and Batman. Fans of these characters were elated to take pictures with those who looked almost identical to their comic book counterparts.

Newark Comic Con

Fans were also able to attend panel discussions led by professionals in the industries of animation, anime, cosplay, film and, of course, comic books. The event also featured continuous entertaining music throughout the day’s run.

Newark Comic Con took over Waterfront Place on a hot August day where guests were able to roam around the area, purchase eccentric items, meet inventive comic book personalities, enjoy non-stop entertainment and mingle with like-minded people. The event center provided a welcoming and friendly space for people to indulge in their hobbies and interests, and many will likely be looking forward to next year’s offering.

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