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The Best of: New York Comic Con 2016

The three C’s of every comic convention are comics, cosplay, and comradery. New York Comic Con (NYCC) accounted for all of them this year, as the event welcomed thousands of comic book, film, television and art fans to the Jacob Javits Center for four long days of fun. The fun began on Thursday, October 6.

Numerous popular artists, writers and celebrities joined in on the convention as well, either manning their stands or speaking at panels during the weekend. At the convention’s Show Room, vendors and artists set-up shop for the weekend, offering various prints, comic books, apparel, figurines and other rare or exclusive memorabilia. Artists display their creative and innovative pieces, which often combine diverse mediums and styles to create works that are difficult to find in the retail market.

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More Than Just Comics

Though local (and not-so-local) stores and comic shops join in on the event, you can also find many independent vendors who are happy to show off their original products. Meanwhile, TV and movie fans are able to survey collectibles and artwork from some of their favorites, or alternatively, stop by some of the panels to see celebrities like Adam West, John Krasinski, Aubrey Plaza and even the cast of The Walking Dead promoting their upcoming projects.

The convention also houses a ton of professional artists and comic creators in a section aptly named “Artist Alley”. Famous comic book artists and writers like Scott Snyder, James O’Barr, Rafael Albuquerque, Gary Frank, James Tynion IV and many more were elated to interact with their fans.

Artist Rafael Albuquerque
Artist Rafael Albuquerque

While the yearly convention always encompasses a wide variety of everything comic-related; one of the most striking elements of the event is the imaginative cosplay rampant throughout the event halls. While individuals and organizations with big budgets do put together some impressive props and costumes; it’s even more impressive to see the costumes convention-goers put together in their free time with their own funds.

The Magic of Cosplay

But not everyone who wears a costume to the convention is dressing up just for the sake of dressing up; through their costumes, people are able to express themselves in ways they cannot outside of the convention setting.

“My favorite part about Comic Con is that there is something for everyone—there is no specific demographic,” says William Lawler of New Jersey, who has attended the last few New York Comic Cons. “The unique part about the convention is seeing so many people make their own experiences. So many people put so much work into their costumes and characters, and they spend their time greeting guests as if they were celebrities themselves.”

NYCC 2016

New York Comic Con is an extraordinary family-friendly event, bringing together countless people interested in enthralling, artistic entertainment. There are tons of things to do and see, and no day of Comic Con matches another. Future attendees should plan visits accordingly, so as to not miss out on any of the fun.

And if you go, don’t forget to bring plenty of money. Believe me—there are tons of collectibles for sale that you won’t want to leave without.

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