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The Best of: The House of Booze Rock Revival Show

Rock and roll music has a long history of innovation. While this history is well-known and beloved by fans, a new venue in South Jersey is looking to promote today’s rock music. With plenty of space for wild, unpredictable performances, the House of Booze acted as a new home for rock music in Somers Point with its first Rock Revival Show Friday night.

The event was the first of many shows at the new venue on Bay Avenue that will highlight local rock bands.

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Rock, Reborn

Though the House of Booze officially opens during the Fourth of July weekend, the show gave music fans a glimpse of the venue’s potential as a rock hub in the area.

From crashing symbols and raging guitar riffs to laid-back acoustic performances, artists at the show filled the building’s high ceilings with their own unique sounds. Dozens of attendees gathered at the floor in front of the main stage and sat at the adjacent bar to take in the excitement of the live performances.

house of booze, rock revival

Headlining the event, local favorite Gutter Drunk commanded the stage with their raw musical talent and boldly honest lyrics. Members of the punk rock band Tom Flynn, Will Boothby, Brad Jones and Jim Chivalette jammed together seamlessly; making for a powerful and effortless performance.

These rebellious rock and rollers make music based on real life experiences; helping to prove that rock music is still very much alive in the South Jersey area.

Demonstrating the versatility of rock music, The Only Way performed before Gutter Drunk; entertaining audience members with its blend of rap, reggae and rock. The local band consists of Darragh Dooney, Tom Rocco, Todd Rose and Brandon Horn; They played a unique set list consisting of original songs and a few covers that showed the band’s depth.

Special guests at the show, The Wedge, engaged with the audience and delivered a captivating live performance as lead singer Dave B. asked audience members to help him sing and guitar player Zach Tyler jumped onto the bar during a song.

house of booze, rock revival

Something for Everyone

To act as a break in between sets, Brandon Mesen and Mike Rogers slowed things down; the two gave a mellow, but vocally powerful acoustic performance.

The large stage, extra floor space and upper balcony space at the House of Booze is great; with the potential to bring in larger crowds to the venue as the summer continues.

The location on Bay Avenue has been home to multiple other businesses; but the House of Booze hopes to make the venue a permanent place for rock music in Somers Point. For more info about upcoming events, visit the House of Booze Facebook page.

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All Photos: © Kristine Auble / Best of NJ


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