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The Best of: Brigantine Art Walk Spring Fest

From enormous paintings of breaking waves to tiny drawings of lifeguard boats, creativity filled local restaurant and bar, The Cove, on Sunday afternoon for the Brigantine Art Walk Spring Fest. It’s not everyday you get to talk to the artist behind the masterpiece; but that’s exactly what happens at the Brigantine Art Walk. The event allows art lovers to interact with other creative minds in their community.

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Art on Display

brigantine art walkTwenty local artists put their original paintings, photos, drawings, jewelry and crafts on display for the public to enjoy and even purchase. The event also had an open mic for local musicians to showcase their talents; meanwhile, the public roamed the indoor space taking in various works of art. Eager to share both their creations and stories, the artists spoke about their passion and creative process to admirers.

Sharing his artwork for the first time with Brigantine Art Walk, Julian Miller has a huge talent for creating almost microscopic drawings of landscape settings. Miller, an Avalon native, calls his detailed creations “Mini Art.” The drawings might be small, but their size is perfect for Miller’s interactive way of sharing artwork with others.

By posting a photo of his tiny drawings on Instagram along with a few clues, Miller hides the drawings for his followers to find and keep for themselves. Once the lucky winners find the drawings, he encourages them to post a selfie with their prizes. This engaging process is exciting for all involved and allows Miller to form a stronger relationship with those who admire his work. To keep an eye out for Miller’s latest drawings, you can follow his Instagram account @Miniartwork.

While this is Miller’s first time showing his creations, Suzanne Sawyer has worked with Brigantine Art Walk in the past to share her handmade jewelry with the community. Sawyer calls her creations Sea Signs, so here’s a tongue twister for you: Sawyer sells Sea Signs by the seashore.
brigantine art walk

Great Work for a Good Cause

With intricate beads and hand-shaped metals, Sawyer started creating her own jewelry about three years ago. The Atlantic City native wanted to be able to fix her own jewelry; soon after, she began creating her own designs working with beautiful beads and heating metals to shape original designs. You can find her unique jewelry on Etsy.com at Sea Signs jewelry.

Along with promoting local artists like Miller and Sawyer, the event raises money for Hand Up Brigantine; a volunteer relief effort to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Brigantine Art Walk will be hosting similar events throughout the summer for those interested in supporting the arts in Brigantine. For more info, visit Brigantine Art Walk on Facebook.

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All Photos: © Kristine Auble / Best of NJ

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