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Prudential Financial Engages Corporate Partnerships to Revive Newark

A town’s resources and governmental support fluctuate from community to community. Oftentimes, this can affect the progress and growth a community can achieve. But right here in New Jersey, one international corporation is using its resources to help the underprivileged. Specifically, Prudential Financial is utilizing corporate partnerships to improve education and the workforce; and there’s no better place to start than right in their hometown of Newark.

The following Caucus New Jersey with Steve Adubato is part of an ongoing “The Future of Urban Education” series. In it, show host Steve Adubato, PhD., speaks with Sarah Keh, director of Corporate Giving at The Prudential Foundation. Keh and Adubato discuss the importance of corporate partnerships and Prudential’s commitment to the Newark community. Keh also touches on how Newark Public Schools are getting back to local control.

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Prudential Financial is Taking Steps to Revive Newark

Prudential Financial focuses on furthering urban education. In fact, the mission of The Prudential Foundation’s Corporate Giving is to develop long-term partnerships that help strengthen communities. The program has the future of the country’s youth in mind. To date, Corporate Giving has facilitated more than $850 million in grants and corporate contributions to nonprofit organizations.

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“[Prudential was] founded over 140 years ago to really ensure that everybody has the opportunity to achieve financial security,” said Keh. “That opportunity begins with making sure that people have the right skill sets and that they’re connected to quality jobs. And that begins with having a high quality education.”

The Prudential Foundation strongly believes that a high quality education is a necessity in a thriving city. In this case, it creates pathways for fluid economic mobility, which benefits businesses as well. The organization has made a number of investments and worked with enthusiastic superintendents to improve these aspects of Newark.

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