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Women’s History NJ: Lauren Van Liew of Chef Covas Catering

Chef Lauren Van Liew – formerly Chef Covas – has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Her inspiration comes from a childhood spent watching her father run a number of his own businesses. So it didn’t take long for Van Liew to be at the forefront of a leading NJ industry: Catering. But before she earned her current success, she first had to prepare the right ingredients.

Lauren Van Liew studied culinary arts at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont. The private institute is one of the best, hands-on culinary schools in the nation; this is, in fact, partly because they allow students to work alongside notable chef-instructors. The experience she gained enabled her to go on and open her very own catering company, Chef Covas Catering.

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Lauren Van Liew – Cooking Up a Successful Catering Company

Chef Covas Catering opened in 2012, and is based out of Long Branch. The company offers some of the finest five-star gourmet food in the state. Van Liew’s business is well equipped for all occasions, consistently providing high-quality, healthy, fresh food. Both diligent and creative in the kitchen, Van Liew’s talents also extend to event planning. She personally oversees the planning of all events the business handles.

Photo of Chef Lauren Van LiewPrior to Chef Covas Catering, Van Liew owned a restaurant where she was regularly working 17-hour shifts. Although the restaurant was popular, she wanted work that allowed her to spend more time with her young children. As a result, the catering company was born, allowing her to do what she loves; cook and make people smile, as well as spend plenty of time with family.

In addition, being her own boss means Van Liew can involve her kids in the business quite often. This family business mentality results in incomparable experiences for her clients.

Aside from maintaining her own business, Van Liew has also found success on the Food Network channel. In 2016, she became a “Chopped Champion” on the network’s number-one rated reality cooking show, Chopped; gaining the top spot helped further shape the Chef Covas, now Chef Van Liew, legacy.

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