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How to Create Homemade Holiday Wreaths

If you’ve been roaming around Pinterest lately, you’ve probably been intrigued by the increasing number of homemade wreaths showing up. They range from classic designs featuring lush pine branches and berries to artsy creations using succulents and grapevines. Whatever your style, making your very own wreath this holiday season is a project you can easily accomplish without turning into a “Pinterest Fail.”
“Wreath-making is a very personal thing,” says Chelsie Perez of Flower Child Florals. “There are so many different styles you can really go for.”

In an effort to make our holiday doors festive, Perez offered her best advice for creating the perfect homemade holiday wreath. These easy-to-follow steps will help even the craft-adverse construct beautiful and personal wreaths in no time.
To begin, pick up some paddle wire and wire clippers at your local craft store. While you’re there, you can also pick up a grape vine wreath for the base of your wreath. (Or just use a wire hanger, twisted into your desired shape, from your closet.) Now comes the fun part, which is deciding how you’ll decorate it!
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“Pine is the most traditional because it stays well,” says Perez. She also enjoys using eucalyptus because it “dries beautifully and smells great.” Other good choices are magnolia, whose “leaves are very clean and symmetrical” and boxwood. Even though you can purchase faux materials at most craft stores, Perez is a sucker for all-natural wreaths and often forages most of her materials from the woods. (“Just be sure to steer clear of private property!”).
holiday wreathsIf the woods seem bare, your local nurseries and grocery stores are two great options for sourcing materials. And make sure to keep those trimmings from your Christmas tree purchase. They’re great (free) additions to your next wreath creation. Including pieces such as pinecones, berries and leaves is another easy way to add dimension and color to your design without blowing your budget.
Now that you have your base and decorating materials, it’s time to start building your wreath. Beginning with the circular base, take chunks of foliage and wire it to the base with your paddle wire (or glue pieces to the grape vine wreath). Perez cautions to wire tightly because as the wreath dries out, your foliage will shrink and fall off the wreath. Just keep tying up the pieces until you’re satisfied, then start adding in festive elements. It’s your wreath, so go ahead and decorate to your liking!
holiday wreathsOnce you’ve finished, hang up your wreath to enjoy throughout the holiday season. The bad news is that since it’s a natural wreath, it will eventually dry out. Even though there’s no way to completely preserve your wreath, you can mist it with water to keep it going for a bit longer. But eventually your masterpiece will have to be replaced.
“But not being able to preserve the wreath is kind of the beauty of it all,” adds Perez. “It’s a seasonal thing. The name of the game is just choosing materials wisely and then letting them age gracefully.”
For those that just can’t handle a dried-out wreath, there are always other decorative options including feathers, Christmas ornaments or even succulents and air plants. Whatever wreath you end up making, hang it proudly and know that practice makes perfect!
For more DIY wreath inspiration, follow Chelsie on Instagram @flowerchildfloral or visit her website www.flowerchildflorals.com.