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Best Memes of the Year

Oh, 2015. You sassy, silly year, you kept us glued to our smartphones, giggling over the latest viral craze. This is the year we asked the big questions, like: Why did those llamas cross the road? What’s up with Left Shark’s dancing? What’s up with Drake’s dancing?

And let’s not forget the biggest question of all: What color was that damned dress, anyway?

The biggest pop culture moments of the year were, as always, praised, immortalized — and routinely mocked — on social media. Here’s a look back at the memes that had everyone LOLing in 2015, before they fade into obscurity, like Ikea Monkey and Interrupting Kanye before them.

Left Shark

Shark Week came early this year when Katy Perry performed during the Super Bowl’s halftime show. She was flanked by two dancers in blue doofy-faced shark costumes, and viewers immediately noticed there was something a little … off … about the moves of the dancer on the left.

And thus, Left Shark was born.

Hotline Bling

Also showing off questionable dancing skills in 2015: Drake, in the video for “Hotline Bling.” Granted, Drake had several big online moments this year, from his feud with Meek Mill to the serial killer-style lettering of his album title, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. But none took off as quickly — or as passionately — as “Hotline Bling,” which had fans photoshopping in jokes, dancing to other songs (like the Frasier theme), and showing up in Star Trek.


If Left Shark and Drake were the Internet’s most questionable dancers, then Beyoncé was the year’s best. Videos of Beyoncé dancing were paired with a wide variety of songs, proving that Queen Bey is always on beat, no matter what the music. She can dance to Missy Elliott’s “Pass that Dutch.”

She can dance to The Fairly Oddparents theme song!

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

After reality star Kylie Jenner was seen with noticeably plumper lips, teens took to social media, documenting their attempts to replicate her look by sucking their lips into a shot glass (or water bottle) with the #KylieJennerLipChallenge. While some did get overly plump lips, many ended up with bruised skin — and doctors warned that they could risk permanent damage.

Pope Bars

A photo of Pope Francis gripping the mic went viral on Twitter, with users posting possible lyrics for His Holiness, the MC.

Talib Kweli even joined in on the fun.

Netflix and Chill

A night where you just watch Netflix and chill sounds innocent right? Well, it’s not — and that’s the whole point of the meme, which took the euphemism for hooking up, and turned it into a veritable goldmine of jokes.

Netflix even got in on the action, posting this gif from Clueless.

The Llamas

Why did the llamas cross the road … and go on a spree through Sun City, Ariz.? We may never know why two llamas went on a chase, but their jaunt kept us riveted to our screens. In a word: It was llamazing.

They even got their own Twitter account!

The Dress

The dress, black and blue, white and goldIt all started back in February, when Tumblr user Swiked posted this picture of a dress, asking users what color it was. A debate was instantly sparked — is the dress black and blue, or white and gold? Scientists weighed in on the optical illusion. Celebs weighed in!

And now, it’s time to leave our bruised lips and awkward dancing behind in 2015. On to 2016! By all accounts, the New Year looks like it’s going to be a meme-orable one.

Hero (Top) Feature Image: Swiked, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo
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