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Labor Day Grilling on the Beach on Absecon Island

Grilling is a summertime tradition that brings friends and family together around the picnic table. Even though this summer is coming to a close, Labor Day is the perfect chance to cook hot dogs, hamburgers and other savory snacks before its time for the kids to head back to school. Instead of putting away the grill, you can bring it with you to the beach in South Jersey for a day of fun in the sun this Labor Day weekend.

The beaches on Absecon Island offer a unique chance for visitors to make the most of their holiday weekend by grilling on the beach without a permit. Check out this list of cities to see when and where you can break out the grill and enjoy your day cooking under the sun.

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Ventnor City

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Bring your beach badges and enjoy grilling from Saturday Sept. 2 through Monday Sept. 4 on the beach in Ventnor. As you cross the boardwalk and head down to the shore, you can pick the best place to set up your grill and start cooking. Ventnor offers beautiful beaches, nearby amenities such as bathrooms and showers and plenty of space for a great family outing.
More info: For more information, contact the Department of Community Recreation & Education at 609-823-7950


Head over the Longport Bridge and spend the weekend from Saturday Sept. 2 to Monday Sept. 4 picnicking and barbecuing on the beach. From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, families and visitors are welcome to enjoy freshly cooked food during the last official weekend of the summer.
More info: To learn more about grilling in Longport, visit www.longportnj.gov

Atlantic City

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Enjoy Monday Sept. 4 with a charcoal grill on the beach in Atlantic City. Though no gas grills or open flames are permitted, you can still enjoy this special day grilling along the shore only steps away from the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk.
More info: For questions or more information, call 609-347-5300

Margate City

As Lucy the Elephant overlooks the beautiful beaches in Margate, the city welcomes visitors for some Labor Day grilling. On Sunday (9/3) and Monday (9/4) grab your beach badges and all the supplies you need from the store; then head to the beach. Margate encourages families and friends to come together during the last official day of summer for grilled food and fun.
More info: To find out more about grilling on the beach in Margate, call City Hall at 609-822-2605