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The Best Halloween Home Decor in Five Simple Steps

If walking around town like a bloody zombie or hissing with vampire fangs doesn’t sound like your idea of Halloween humor, don’t hang up that trick-or-treat bag just yet; whether you are planning a ghoulish party or hosting a family fright night, we’ve got some tips on how you can still amp up this year’s fear factor by decorating your living space instead of your face. Check out these home decor tips!

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Hang Out in the Dark

Get your home Halloween ready by closing the shades and losing the bright lights. Instead, deck your room out with battery-operated strobe lights, black bulbs, pumpkin LED tea lights and glow-in-the-dark accessories. Cast spooky shadows to shock your little ghost hunters, or sit in your director’s chair by creating eerie scenes straight from a horror film with a simple fog machine.

Monster Mash Up

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Without the spine-chilling soundtrack and its “Main Theme,” Jaws could have been mistaken as Finding Nemo‘s cousin. Needless to say, every haunted house needs a theme song or a looped playlist to elicit some frightened emotion. Download some of your favorite scary beats and get the crew moving. Need ideas? We recommend blasting tunes like “Thriller,” “Ghostbusters” and “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Creepy Cocktails and Mocktails

From stirring up a Witch’s Potion to creating a Green Slime Milkshake, there are tons of Halloween drink recipes that can serve up a lot of laughs or screams for this holiday’s happy hour. Don’t forget to make a splash with garnishes; decorate your glasses with devil horns out of mini red peppers, or eyeballs out of olives. Everyone will be gulping with fear.

Simple Set Ups

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Don’t underestimate the power of store bought home decor; such as cobwebs, fake spiders, black mice stick-ons, skeleton figurines and light up Jack O’Lanterns. These easy to find items can give anyone the Heebie-jeebies as they enter a house of horror, but can also be swept away in a hurry.

Desserts To Die For

Figuratively speaking, of course! Have fun whipping up devilish crafty concoctions and ask the kids to cast their own creative spell on these DIY recipes. Our favorites include Halloween donut monsters, Rice Krispy Candy Corns and Halloween Ghost Fruit Kabobs. They’re fun to make and offer a fitting taste for the holiday.

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