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Best of NJ Gift Guide: Holiday Gifts for Homebodies

Do you know someone who prefers takeout over dining out? A person who would prefer to watch movies at home instead of at the theater? Perhaps they drink most of their coffee in the kitchen, instead of at the local shop? If these questions describe someone you know, they’re a homebody through and through. Now, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that; but homebodies can potentially be tough to shop for.

That’s why this feature is dedicated to recommending gift ideas for the person in your life who doesn’t like to leave the house. Unsurprisingly, these presents will ensure they don’t want to get off the couch anytime soon! And hey, if you happen to cozy up to a few of these ideas yourself… Like we said, there’s nothing wrong with staying in for a change.

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Heated Slippers

holiday gifts, homebodiesPrice: $29.95 (wired), $39.95 (wireless)
Details: Keep those tootsies toasty with these adorable and cozy narwhal slippers. They’re made of cotton and polyester, making them warm enough to fend off winter’s chill. Still cold? A hidden feature boasts built-in heating pads (either wireless or USB-powered). Yeah, we kid you not! One size fits most, up to women’s size 12.
Where to Buy: Amazon

Fun Phone Case

homebodies, holiday giftsPrice: Varies depending on phone size and model
Details: This phone case proclaiming “I Am What You Would Call Indoorsy” embodies your gift recipient. Just make sure to purchase one tailored for their phone brand and model. The case is thin, impact resistant and plastic, wrapping around the back and side of the phone. It offers a decorative touch and a thin layer of shock-absorbing protection.
Where to Buy: Look Human

Chocolate Coffee and Cocoa Gift Set

homebodies, holiday giftsPrice: $29
Details: Not sure if your homebody is a cocoa or coffee fan? Now you don’t have to decide, thanks to this perfect gift set. It contains milk chocolate hot cocoa and chocolate truffle coffee. Both beverages have a smooth, rich and velvety taste. Likewise, both can be served over ice for a delicious change of pace.
Where to Buy: Godiva

Pizza-Demanding Doormat

holiday gifts, homebodiesPrice: $45
Details: Step up the basic doormat decoration with a unique twist. This particular invitational message says what’s really on every homebody’s mind. “Welcome! I hope you brought pizza!” There are three variations to choose from. Just be prepared to bring a pie or two during your next visit.
Where to Buy: Damn Good Doormats

Armrest Organizer With Tray Top

holiday gifts, homebodiesPrice: $9.99
Details: Keep those essentials like remotes, newspapers and eyeglasses easily accessible and organized, whether they’re lounging in a chair or on the sofa. This durable and fabric-covered six-pocket armrest organizer has an adjustable body, so it fits easily over most armchairs or couches. The tray top is great for snacks thanks to its stable, flat surface.
Where to Buy: Bed Bath & Beyond

Popcorn Maker

holiday gifts, homebodiesPrice: $29.99
Details: Even if your homebody prefers staying home over a trip to the theater, everybody loves that buttery movie theater popcorn. This Nostalgia Electrics Stirring Popcorn Maker makes up to 24 cups of popcorn per batch, so they’ll have plenty of popcorn for hosting those Netflix binge parties among other movie-oriented soirees. Also, it doubles as a serving bowl. The motorized stirring rod prevents burning and increases the amount of kernels that pop, while moisture-escape vents help keep the popcorn crunchy. Finally, the nonstick cooking plate makes for easy cleanup.
Where to Buy: Best Buy

Flannel Sheets

holiday gifts, homebodiesPrice: $139
Details: This gift definitely won’t help get a homebody out of bed on a cold winter’s day! Your giftee will adore these soft and warm chamois plaid flannel sheets. They are available in twin, full, queen or king sized. Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases. There are currently four colors to choose from.
Where to Buy: L.L.Bean

Milky Bubble Bath

holiday gifts, homebodiesPrice: $7.95
Details: Don’t cry over spilled milk. Instead, bathe in it! This bubble bath – which is vegan to boot – boasts cocoa butter, soy milk and olive oil. The orangey smell will make anyone’s troubles float away as they relax in soothing, creamy bubbles. This gift also contains plastic-free glitter to give your recipient a bath-time shine. It’s super easy to use: Simply crumble the soap under warm, running water to make the tub fill with fluffy, fragrant bubbles.
Where to Buy: Lush

Plush Heated Throw

holiday gifts, homebodiesPrice: $49.99
Details: Looking for a way to help your homebody shake off those winter chills fast? It’s not hard to get comfy and cozy beneath this heated microplush throw. The 100-percent polyester throw has three heat settings and a three-hour auto shutoff (in case of unplanned napping). The 50” x 60” blanket is machine washable and dryer safe.
Where to Buy: Sunbeam

Designer Tablet Pillow

holiday gifts, homebodiesPrice: $19.99
Details: This interesting gift option balances a soft place to put your tablet with easy and stylish storage for accessories. The pillow’s front pocket holds nearly any size tablet at a perfect angle for watching a movie or surfing the Web. The super-soft fleece pillow, available in multiple patterns, gently cradles a tablet, removing the inconvenience of needing to hold it at an optimal position. The pocket holds chargers, headphones and most other tablet accessories.
Where to Buy: LapDesk.com