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Best of NJ Gift Guide: NJ-made Presents Any Yogi will Love

Shopping for the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re hoping to score the perfect present for those on your list. If you’re a yogi, or have some yogis in your life, this gift guide is for you! These recommendations will bring giftees closer to their passion for Downward Dog. Plus, since all the items are created and made by New Jersey yogis, it’s impossible not to feel closer to your surrounding community.

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Yoga Leggings

Price: $60.00
NJ-made Presents, YogiDetails: Combining eco-living with style, Wild Thing Yoga Apparel allows your favorite yogi to “Discover their Wild.” Luxurious leggings, shorts and matching tops are made from recycled plastic bottles and feature four-way stretch, quick drying, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial fabric. However, it’s not only the fabric that has us flowing into headstand; each piece features a beautiful scene from geographic locations around the world. Our favorite has to be the yoga pants inspired by Praia de Marinha in the Aglarve region of Portgual that brings together the bright hues of a picture perfect sunset, golden sand and rock formations. They’re also extremely luxurious and include the aforementioned features.
Where to Buy: Visit the website.

Blossom Goddess Pants

NJ-made Presents, Yogi

Price: $35.99
Details: These pants will quite literally take your favorite yogi anywhere. From practicing at the studio to going out with friends, the Blossom Goddess Pants from Camaroha Sutra are the most comfortable pants anyone has ever owned thanks to their soft fabric (in amazing patterns), wide legs and fun styles. Based in Asbury Park, these pants have won yogis over from New Jersey to California and everywhere in between.
Where to Buy: Visit the website.

Cutting Board and Cookie Cutters

NJ-made Presents, Yogi
Price: $40.00 (for the full collection)
Details: You may have heard of this next pick in O The Oprah Magazine, as well as Yoga Journal, New Jersey Monthly and countless other media outlets. Amy Dube, a Jersey Shore mom and practicing yogi, has successfully combined yoga poses with cookies. Her Yummy Yogi collection combines her passion of yoga and baking, with recognizable yoga postures. The full collection features five poses (Tree Pose, Crescent Lunge, Downward Dog, Warrior 2, and Warrior 3), making it perfect for the yogi who also happens to be a foodie!
Where to Buy: Visit the website.

Trust the Process Handcrafted Wrap Bracelet

NJ-made Presents YogiPrice: $55.00
Details: The Trust the Process Wrap will help any yogi remember not to get caught up in their own thoughts. Handcrafted by Ashley Vermeulen, designer and owner of Be Free Creations, the wrap features the soothing and grounding properties of Sandalwood with the protection of Labradorite and Amesthyst. Not only is it useful for your yogi’s meditation practice, but it’s also quite beautiful!
Where to Buy: Visit the website.

Pop-Up Yoga Events

NJ-made Presents, YogiPrice: $25.00
Details: For the yogi who has everything, or just loves a good glass of wine after practice, there’s MettaMade. From GirlsNight Out to Ginyasa and VinoVinyasa, MettaMade events combine the serenity of a great yoga class with local instructors at locations as wide ranging as Laurita Winery or Asbury Park Distilling Co. to BellWorks in Holmdel.
Where to Buy: Visit the website.

Hamsa Yoga Mat

NJ-made Presents, Yogi

Price: $97.00
Details: Finding a yoga mat that fits all of your yogi’s needs – grip, durability and, of course, some flair – is an everlasting search. However, thanks to Apeiron Yoga mats, a creation from New Jersey native, Adam Binder, the search is over. These mats are not only colorful and quirky, but they’re also slip-proof so that your favorite yogi can practice Bakasana without worrying about their sweaty palms. We’ve fallen for the Hamsa Mat, featuring a palm shaped symbol which is said to bring happiness, luck and health.
Where to Buy: Visit the website.

Beach Yoga Mat

Price: $69.00 – $169.00
NJ-made Presents, YogiDetails: If the yogi in your life loves to practice on the beach, then she or he has probably experienced the frustration that naturally happens as her towel gets covered in sand, blows away or becomes a big mess. Help them keep their focus with the Beach Yoga Mat from New Jersey yoga instructor, Carrie Godesky; she has created a hand-sewn blanket that is not only beautiful, but exceptionally durable. Using only natural cotton and vegetable dyes, the vintage Indian textile fabric features a tight weave; as well as underside corner pockets, a coordinating backpack and a hidden zipper lock pocket for personal items.
Where to Buy: Visit the website.

Exfoliating Mask

Price: $35.00
NJ-made Presents, YogiDetails: Upgrade your giftee’s beauty routine with the help of Roxy Finamore of FreeBird Organics. Her line of sustainable, non-toxic, vegan skin care products are handmade in small batches in her New Jersey home. She uses natural oils, minerals, clays and herbs that result in refreshing combinations like her Detoxifying Exfoliating Face Mask featuring activated charcoal, oatmeal, Tamanu, Lemongrass and Lavender Oils. Add in the one-of-a-kind bowl and spoon face mask mixing set and their skin will be glowing (and not just from yoga class!)
Where to Buy: Visit the website.