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The Best of: Hillsborough Memorial Day Parade

Many Americans spend Memorial Day weekend relaxing and barbecuing with friends and family; but we cannot forget the everlasting sacrifices of the brave men and women who gave their lives for our country. Holidays like these were made possible because of them, and communities across the US have annual traditions to honor them.

One such community, in the heart of Somerset County, holds a magnificent Memorial Day Parade every year. This year, on Saturday, May 28, the Hillsborough Memorial Day Parade began on Auten Road and turned onto New Amwell Road, heading towards Beekman Lane before ending at the Garden of Honor.

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The Hillsborough Memorial Day Parade

Led by longtime Hillsborough resident and retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Fred Quick, the parade began with a procession of several military vehicles and a number of veterans honoring their fallen brothers and sisters. They were followed by various public servants, police officers, firefighters, and EMTs; in other words, those who proudly serve our area every single day.

Retro and vintage cars sporting American flags rolled through the parade, tossing candy and other goodies to the numerous attendees who lined the streets. The Hillsborough High School Raider Band trekked behind, powerfully playing traditional American tunes throughout the streets.

Hillsborough Memorial Day Parade

The parade ended with a number of groups representing Hillsborough’s many community organizations and programs. Different sports leagues, scout troops, learning centers, after-school programs, and more, proudly marched along; many bearing signs, waving flags, and tossing candy to the children in the crowd.

Various organizations across the country honor our active and retired military every single day, but during one very special weekend at the end of May, the entire country comes together to commemorate the lives taken in active service.

Events and parades like Hillsborough’s help us keep this remembrance alive; so that we never forget the sacrifices of those who have served our country.

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