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Creative Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween may fall on a Monday this year but that doesn’t mean kids can’t still enjoy the candy-filled festivities! If you’re a “last minute” type of parent and still need a costume for your young ones, don’t worry! Here’s a list of easy-to-assemble Halloween costumes that are also unique and creative.

Of course, if all else fails, you can always pull a sheet out of the closet and cut out eyes for an easy ghost Halloween costume. Happy Halloween!

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“The Dude” from The Big Lebowski

Halloween CostumesSo the movie The Big Lebowski is a few years old and the kids probably won’t get it, but chances are it will make some cinema-loving parents grin. Just throw on a beige robe, dark glasses and open-toed sandals, and you’re set! The Dude, as perfected by Jeff Bridges and adorably modeled by your kiddo. (Don’t forget to have your child carry an empty carton of Half & Half too.)

Rosie The Riveter

Halloween costumesQuick history lesson: During World War II, Rosie the Riveter represented the American women who worked in factories and shipyards, many of whom produced war supplies while male workers served in the military. Rosie the Riveter is still used in marketing campaigns as a symbol of feminism. In 1942 American artist J. Howard Miller depicted his version of “Rosie.” His “We Can Do It” poster can be replicated with a cute, easy kid’s costume. All you need are overalls, bandanna, American flag patch and a healthy dose of American pride.

Rainy Day

Halloween CostumesHopefully, it won’t rain on Halloween this year but if you’re a “glass half full” type of family, consider dressing your child up as rain for Halloween. It won’t have any type of negative connotation once people see how adorable your child looks in their easy costume. Just find a pair of leggings or pants with a raindrop print (such as this pair from H&M) or stencil some on yourself. Match with a fluffy, wearable cloud.

Teen Beat Magazine

Halloween CostumesA great costume for the aspiring journalist and pop-culture loving cutie in your life! Just grab some poster board, along with thick tape or fabric for straps. Teen Beat magazine ceased publication years ago but the name is still synonymous with 90s teen rock stars, fun quizzes and pull-out posters. Enlarge some pictures of today’s teen idols, paste them next to pics of your tween and their friends and cut out a circle in the center to make your kid the cover girl or guy.

Elliott and E.T.

Halloween CostumesHow can anyone resist the power of a classic, Steven Spielberg family movie about a boy and his alien bestie that just tugs at your heartstrings? Grab a red cardigan or hoodie, zip it up on your kid, have them ride their tricycle and stick a toy E.T. in the basket. Voila! An adorable costume that pays homage to one of the most beautiful cinematic friendships. Want to go even further? Have a little girl dress as Elliott’s kid sister, Gertie. Pull hair back in pigtails, wear dark overalls and add a flower pot with yellow flowers inside.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Halloween CostumesAnother easy-to-make costume which plays off the expression “it’s raining cats and dogs.” All you need is a bright rain slicker and boots, paired with a clear umbrella decorated with pictures of dogs and cats. Use large animal decals or glue felt animals directly onto the umbrella (use a very strong glue). This Halloween costume is guaranteed to make the neighbors smile.


Halloween CostumesOkay, this one requires a bit of ingenuity, but if you’ve got the “I work best under pressure” persona, go for it! To make Frankenstein, first dress your child in a blazer and sneakers (the easy part). Then construct a large green head out of felt or a hat that’s light and comfortable. Just make sure the hat isn’t too heavy on your child’s head and neck. To create the green face, use non-toxic face paint (available from brands such as Melissa & Doug and Natural Earth Face). The bolts can be created with toy screws from a play construction set or from painted wine corks.

A Tomato

Halloween CostumesThis veggie is easy-to-make and good enough to eat, or at least to lather in kisses! All you need is an oversized red sweatshirt and some green felt or fabric. Parenting.com recommends folding the bottom part of the sweatshirt and stuffing the inside with Poly-Fil batting to make it puffy. Use green felt to make the neckline/stem and glue it to the sweatshirt with a hot glue gun. The sleeves of the sweatshirt can be cut off and used to make the hat or leave the sleeves on and make a hat with separate fabric.

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