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Local Fitness Expert Shares Guide to Physical and Mental Health

It’s no secret that exercising and eating right are two of the most important steps to living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, they’re also the two most difficult steps to commit to on a regular basis. Finding the time, money and willpower to achieve physical and mental health might seem impossible; but one fitness expert from the Garden State has all the answers you’re looking for.

Joanna Gagis recently sat down with Certified Personal Trainer and author Kirk Charles for an episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis. In it, Charles offered tips and tools on how to stay healthy by setting goals, working out and eating right. He illustrated how even short exercises in-between conference calls at work can bring results.

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Health and Fitness Expert Kirk Charles

The Rutgers University graduate and New Jersey resident has been motivating audiences around the country for years. He’s published several inspirational books, including favorites like Live in the Power Zone and The 2-Minute Office Workout.

This video was made possible thanks to St. Joseph’s Health.

Charles’s writing influences readers to achieve mental and physical personal goals. Live in the Power Zone explains that achieving a goal is part of an eight-step process.

“It all starts with a dream,” Charles said. “Next would be desire. Then decision-making, devotion, determination, discipline, daring, and, finally, deliverance.”

Charles often includes autobiographical elements into his writing to further inspire readers. This style also blends into his training, which he finds personally rewarding.

“What feels good to me is to inspire people and to have them inspire me,” he explained. “So that’s what I do with my clients. I’m trying to get them to go from point A to point B, or wherever it is that they want to go, physically and mentally.”

The fitness expert also discussed the importance of nutrition during training. In addition, a number of small steps can contribute to improving physical and mental health.

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