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A Life Coach’s Guide to Making Your Own Luck

Around this time of year, everyone is looking for the luck of the Irish. The truth is, you don’t need a four-leaf clover or a personal leprechaun to reach your pot of gold. According to two NJ life coaches, the ability to achieve your potential and reach greatness lies within you. Indeed, you can make your own luck. Learn how here:

Prepare Yourself for the Best

The first step is utilizing the power of positive thinking. You have to believe you are lucky and deserving of good things. You also have to envision yourself experiencing the kind of success you are seeking.

“I help clients prepare for luck by getting really clear about what they’re looking for,” says Allison Task, a career and life coach in Montclair.

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“Luck, after all, is just the unexpected arrival of that which you want. If you know what you want, you’re more ready to see it when it arrives.”

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Be Honest

Making yourself lucky requires some self-reflection. You have to be honest about what you want, says Laura Berman Fortgang, career and life satisfaction expert in Montclair. The more clarity you have, the better your chances of having luck.

“When you are clear on your objectives – whether that’s career, finding your partner, improving your health, choosing a place to live – luck arrives as soon as you’re ready to recognize it,” says Task, speaker, author and on-camera host.

Your aim should be to come up with a specific goal and at least an idea of what is necessary to arrive there.

Get Out in the World

You have to look for luck. It’s not just going to land in your lap, despite what people think.

“Behind every lucky person is a whole lot of effort,” says Task. Sitting on your couch and waiting for something good to happen is a failing strategy.

“Create the circumstances that bring you luck,” says Fortgang, author of Living Your Best Life and Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction.

For instance, if you want to find love, you have to get out and meet people. Maybe sign up for online dating. If you want a career change, go back to school or work on improving your resume.

Take Risks

Task points to Elon Musk and his “red convertible circling the planet” as an example of someone taking a risk to make a dream come true.

Taking risks, especially calculated ones, increases the chances that something great might happen. True, you may fail more than once. But it only takes one success to feel that luck in your veins. And if you don’t ever try, you never have a chance for achievement.

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Forget the Pity Party

Quit feeling sorry for yourself. You have to move beyond disappointments quickly, so that you can get back to the good stuff.

Fortgang suggests overcoming insecurities by taking action. Let’s say you feel unlucky because you are not a good public speaker, so your boss won’t promote you. Instead of pouting, take a class to improve your public speaking. Put this on your resume, and demonstrate your increased skills to your boss. Then, luck will come your way.

Reevaluate Your Perceptions

Change your way of thinking, so that you feel lucky more often.

“Remind yourself you’re lucky,” says Fortgang. “You find a penny on the floor? That may not seem like any big deal but just mentally affirm, that you’re lucky and pick it up. Someone asked you the time, and it made you miss the next chance to cross the street with the light, see it as a lucky thing that you got a chance to help someone else.”

Those little shifts can completely transform your mentality. Suddenly, you’re a lucky charm.

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