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Interior Design Tips for a Sustainable Home or Office Space

Many adults spend the majority of their time in their home and office spaces. But did you know that the design of these spaces can contribute to a person’s daily mood and outlook? That’s why students and professionals in the field of interior design examine numerous challenges to improve these spaces. One of the most prominent challenges is that of sustainability.

That’s why Joanna Gagis spoke with Alan J. Horwitz for an episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis. Horwitz is a professor of interior design in the School of Professional Studies at Berkeley College in New York. His tips can help make any home or office space more sustainable. As a professor, he also coaches students to use environmentally friendly products when decorating.

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The Benefits of Designing a Sustainable Home or Office Space

Countless agencies across the country are exploring the fundamentals of sustainability. To capitalize on its significance, companies regularly ask themselves how they can improve their efforts; this is precisely the same question interior designers ask when developing the best possible home and work environments.

Berkeley College Professor talks Sustainable Office Space
This video was made possible thanks to Berkeley College.

“Sustainability is a broad topic,” says Horwitz. In interior design, it heavily pertains to “air quality and lighting quality, views to the outside; things that make people feel comfortable and happy in their surroundings.”

Horwitz believes sustainability encompasses more than just what’s good for the earth and what’s good for a person’s body. It also covers what makes a person feel good. Therefore, interior design students study matters much deeper than one would expect.

“Everything has to be thought about within the context of the overall issues that we, as a society, are facing in the use of our resources and how we’re dealing with our physical environment,” Horwitz explained.

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