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Innovative Peloton Cycle Revolutionizes Fitness Technology

Utilizing modern technology as a form of exercising may sound counterproductive at first, but one American company has found a way to blend high-tech gear with traditional fitness equipment. Today, there is a new bike on the market that will keep your attention while offering a variety of fun and effective workouts: The Peloton Cycle.

Many Americans often purchase stationary bicycles to avoid the gym and still get some daily cardio and core exercises done. However, the frequent pedaling for seemingly little reward often leads to bikes collecting dust after just weeks of use.

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Peloton and the New Wave of Fitness Tech

On this episode of One-on-One with Steve Adubato, show host Steve Adubato, PhD., speaks with Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Peloton, John Foley, to talk about Foley’s vision for a unique, at-home stationary bike. They also discuss how his team was able to bring it to life and make it a household name.

Thanks to RWJ Barnabas Health for making this video possible.

On the subject of how and why the Peloton Cycle has become one of the leading innovations in 21st century fitness equipment, Foley explained that “Peloton is a fitness platform—fitness meets technology meets media—where we stream live, instructor-led group fitness classes to your home.”

The Peloton Cycle comes with a number of notable attributes, such as a waterproof design and massive tablet monitor. This advanced, dynamic technology has earned the Peloton Cycle the moniker “The Best Bike Ever Made.”

Foley went on to describe how the equipment is interactive and immersive, specifically during the live classes.

“The instructor will look in the camera, break the fourth wall, and say, ‘Steve A. in Short Hills, this is your hundredth ride. You’re going to carry us up the hill!’” said Foley. “And they’ll actually look you in the eye, effectively.”

“So it’s like Performance Theater,” he added. “You are part of the experience. You’re not just consuming the content, you are part of the content.”

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One on One with Steve Adubato

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