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Fitness Expert Creates Workouts for Moms Using Household Items

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is finding free time to take care of yourself; particularly when juggling children, school responsibilities, after-school sports and work consumes the majority of every day. Though our instinct is to use free time to rest, making time to exercise is also immensely important. Which is why one NJ-based fitness trainer began developing a workout routine for moms that uses household items.

That fitness trainer, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, is Ambyr Chatzopoulos. Chatzopoulos, alongside her young daughter Georgie, spoke to Joanna Gagis for an episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis. The topic? Ambyrfyt, an exercise program and series of at-home workout circuits you complete using household items.

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“Mom Workout” uses Household Items to Keep Moms in Shape

Chatzopoulos encourages moms to exercise by following her “mom workout” at home. Her inspiration for the program actually came from a typical real-world experience. In fact, she didn’t get into personal training until after having her first child; not surprisingly, this makes Chatzopoulos uniquely qualified to offer fitness advice to other moms.

Special thanks to Summit Medical Group for making this video possible.

“I naturally kind of gravitated towards other moms; and we’re all kind of facing the same sort of struggles and the same issues,” said Chatzopoulos. “So one of the things I like to do is try and inspire other moms to kind of overcome a lot of the issues that we’re all dealing with, and that we’re all facing.”

Sleep deprivation and illness are just a couple of these issues. Though sleep deprivation alone can be taxing, Chatzopoulos maintains that working out in the morning can have enormously positive effects.

“[It’s important to wake] up in the morning and say, ‘Even though I’m really tired, I need to get up; I need to get my workout in, and that’s gonna set me up for the rest of the day so that I can get through everything else I need to get through.’”

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