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Doctor Becomes Patient at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Dr. Martin Gimovsky, Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, regularly manages complex health issues. For the last eighteen years he has been caring for women with high-risk pregnancies at Newark Beth Israel and several hospitals across the state of New Jersey. However, it was during one of those busy mornings that the unexpected occurred.

In spring of 2018, Dr. Gimovsky finished seeing his patients at one of the many hospitals he supports, when he collapsed to the floor. When he regained consciousness, his staff was already rushing him to the hospital’s emergency room where they determined he was having a cardiac episode.

“When I found out that it was my heart, I knew I had to reach out to my cardiologist and colleague, Mark J. Zucker, MD, Director of Cardiothoracic Transplant at NBIMC’s Advanced Heart Failure Treatment and Transplant Program,” said Dr. Gimovsky. “I had a history of hypertension and so it only made sense to consult with the physicians who are running one of the top ten programs in the country and who I have been working with for almost 20 years.” Dr. Zucker went on to order a full cardiac evaluation at Newark Beth Israel.

The Doctor is in… Bed

Dr. Gimovsky was admitted to Newark Beth Israel’s highly specialized Cardiac Critical Care Unit (CCU) for advanced therapies. They ran a number of tests including a cardiac echocardiogram, a diagnostic cardiac catheterization and an ablation of his heart. Eventually, they also gave Dr. Gimovsky a pacemaker.

The specialized heart team that ordered and performed these tests and procedures were all his colleagues; physicians like Marc Cohen, MD, Chair of Medicine and Chief, Division of Cardiology, who performed his ablation; and electrophysiologist Stephen Rothbart, MD, who implanted his pacemaker.

“I spent 18 years of my career trusting these physicians and their medical teams with the lives of my patients and now it was my turn to put my heart in their hands. It was a very humbling experience,” said Dr. Gimovsky. “You learn very quickly how much the little things matter when you are lying in a hospital bed. Everyone I was in contact with, from phlebotomist to food services, was pleasant, professional and efficient.”

Dr. Gimovsky returned to his fast-paced practice in two weeks, feeling great and grateful for the care he received. “I was lucky to have been the recipient of world-class care of by a team of experts,” he said of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.

Top (Hero) Photo: © Newark Beth Israel Medical Center / RWJBarnabas Health

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