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Diabetes Educator Offers Effective Ways to Prevent Disease

A balanced diet and regular exercise keeps your body looking good and feeling healthy. In addition to promoting general wellness, they are also key elements in preventing a number of diseases and disorders, such as diabetes. Anyone can suffer from diabetes, so it’s important to take today’s tips into consideration.

Numerous Americans unfortunately learn about their diabetes before they have a chance to avert it, so many doctors and researchers advocate taking preventative steps early in order to avoid the possibility of being diagnosed with the disease later in life.

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Joanna Gagis sat down with Dr. Mary Friesz, PhD., a Certified Diabetes Educator with Summit Medical Group, during a segment of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis to learn how individuals can prevent being diagnosed with diabetes.

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Dr. Friesz states that a lifestyle-based wellness plan that involves nutrition and exercise is vital in preventing diabetes. When you’re trying to craft a balanced meal, Dr. Friesz advises making appropriate portions with at least half of your plate being vegetables. “Our portions have become atrocious…” Friesz said, before adding that “we had PE every day, you know, up through senior [year] in high school. Now the kids are lucky if they have it once or twice a week.”

While it is easy to say what one should do to remain healthy, it is hard to get a person to recognize the subconscious eating habits they face that are detrimental to their health. Dr. Friesz illustrates some of these big mistakes people make while managing their health, like eating distracted and indulging. One of the many thoughtful suggestions she offers is to “eat until your hunger is gone, not until you feel like, alright gotta unbutton the pants and sit on the couch.”

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