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The Best of: The 6th Annual Health and Fitness Expo

On June 23-24, the 6th Annual Health and Fitness Expo came to MetLife Stadium; NBC 4 New York and Telemundo 47 were joint hosts for the 2018 edition. One of the largest health events in the tri-state area, the East Rutherford expo was presented by Quest Diagnostics; a clinical laboratory based out of Madison whose mission is to empower people to take action to improve their health.

The Health and Fitness Expo is one of the largest health events in the tri-state area. This year’s co-hosts were NBC 4 New York Lead Sportscaster Bruce Beck; Telemundo 47 Lead Sportscaster Veronica Contreras; and New York Giants All-Pro Safety Landon Collins.

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Health and Fitness Expo

In order for visitors to dive head-first into the world of health and vigorous living, the expo hosts a number of activities and presentations that encourage active participation. Attendees could engage in numerous activities, most of which took place right on MetLife Stadium’s turf. For example, participants could kick a field goal, toss a football, run receiver routes, climb a rock wall and more. Even vendors brought their most effective and dynamic products.

As a bonus, visitors could tour the New York Giants locker room; many even got to meet, speak to and take pictures with current and former Giants stars. The 2018 Health and Fitness Expo was definitely a big win for football fans.

The Health and Fitness Expo Offers Healthy Fun For All Ages

In addition, the event was suitable for children of all ages. Besides getting to play on a professional football field with friends and family, the event taught an important lesson. Between all of the fun and activities, the expo made sure to highlight health and the importance of staying active. Eating clean and going to the doctor regularly, as well as overall healthy living, were also important takeaways.

To that end, free health screenings were available to all in attendance courtesy of Quest Diagnostics. Additionally, attendees could earn a “Passport to Health presented by Quest Diagnostics” by completing a series of health-themed activities. Those who did so were eligible for giveaways and special prizes throughout the weekend.

Health and Fitness Expo

Meanwhile, a number of exercise demonstrations and performances took place on the main stage. Anyone wearing sneakers and comfortable clothing could participate in active exercises and workouts of varying intensity. Parents and kids alike took to the field for lunges and high knee stretches.

The NBC Village was another set piece just around the corner from the main stage. Here, expo-goers could take a photo at the iconic TODAY Show desk; alternatively, photo opportunities were available for fans of “The Voice,” as the famous contestant chair made the trip. Finally, tours of the NBC 4 New York/Telemundo 47 weather vehicles were available; specifically, guests could go inside the StormRanger 4/CazaTormentas 47 and the StormChaser 4/BuscaTormentas 47.

The 6th Annual Health and Fitness Expo brought together a community wishing to share the importance of healthy living. From valuable lessons on how to get fit and stay healthy to engaging activities, it was an unforgettable weekend. For details about next year’s installment, keep an eye on the NBC New York website.

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