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Baby Boot Camp is Great Fun and Exercise for Mom and Baby

Most moms already know how difficult it is to keep up with fitness after childbirth. Being a parent is a 24/7 job; and committing to a comprehensive – or even a light – workout several times during the week is out of the question. However, one Central New Jersey business is providing mothers with the chance to get some exercising done while also actively caring for their babies. The business, is Baby Boot Camp.

Baby Boot Camp combines fitness and education to give mothers the health and wellness benefits they desire, while simultaneously supporting a young child’s developing mind.

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On this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, Kristin Menapace, owner of Baby Boot Camp, and Stephanie Schaub, an instructor at the organization, visited the set. They discussed with host Joanna Gagis about how baby boot camps are so much more than just a mommy exercise program; they are creating a social community for both moms and their children.

Baby Boot Camp
This video was made possible thanks to the New Jersey State Nurses Association.

Menapace started Baby Boot Camp as a franchise in Princeton to provide mothers with a place to exercise and children with an environment to learn, stay active and socialize.

“Baby Boot Camp is a stroller-based fitness program that enables moms to actually exercise with our little ones,” explained Menapace. “It’s also wonderful for pregnant moms who are getting ready to have a baby. And it’s great, because you can bring your baby, you get to bond, workout, and it’s a sense of community, meeting with moms afterwards.”

The facility’s stroller-based fitness program is an hour workout, which combines strength, cardio and flexibility training. The program offers different circuits that incorporate learning exercises for kids, including singing the ABCs, playing peek-a-boo and tickle toes.

“We call it ‘fitness for you, fun for your baby,’” said Menapace.

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