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All Women’s Healthcare Offers NJ Women an Anxiety-free Environment

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Going to the gynecologist is not exactly enjoyable. Feelings of discomfort, awkwardness or even intimidation can get in the way of developing a productive relationship with your doctor. That’s why All Women’s Healthcare makes it their mission to help all their patients feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. In fact, their motto is “Women caring for women.”

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This article is Sponsored by All Women's Healthcare.

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Making Patients Feel at Home

All Women’s Healthcare, which has locations in Flemington and Branchburg, offers all of the services that a typical OB/GYN office would provide, from annual exams, to contraceptive counseling, to prenatal care and delivery, including for high risk pregnancies. They even offer new services such as menopause relief using solutions like the MonaLisa Touch. What sets All Women’s Healthcare apart is that they strive to create an inviting environment.

Dr. Mamie Bowers, one of the physicians at All Women’s Healthcare, says it’s “almost like you’re coming into our home.”

Dr. Michele Grove, MD

Dr. Bowers and her colleagues started All Women’s Healthcare in 2004 under the umbrella of Lifeline Medical Associates, a network of more than 100 OB/GYN specialists across the state of New Jersey. The network is a tool for sharing best practices and constantly improving quality of care.

According to Dr. Bowers, one of All Women’s Healthcare’s most important jobs is educating women, but they cannot carry out that mission effectively if their patients feel intimidated when they come into the office. In order to ask all the questions they need to ask—especially about such personal matters—and listen carefully to the answers, each patient needs to have a genuine, human connection with her doctor or midwife.

Full-time Midwives

Another unique feature of All Women’s Healthcare is that they have a full-time midwifery service. (In fact, they just recently celebrated a major delivery milestone!) Pregnant patients can choose either an obstetrician or a certified nurse midwife for their delivery, and there is always one doctor and one midwife on call at all times.

In a way, patients who choose to have a midwife do their delivery get the best of both worlds. Unlike obstetricians, midwives are trained to take a supporting role during the labor process, which makes the labor and delivery much easier for many mothers. But if there are any medical complications during a birth, one of the obstetricians will step in to make sure the delivery goes smoothly.

Dr. Kelly Frys, DO

As Dr. Bowers says, “If you choose the midwife for your delivery, you kind of get both of us.”
The physicians and midwives at All Women’s Healthcare have a collaborative relationship, in which they are always learning from each other to provide better care for their patients as a team.

In addition to delivering babies, the midwives at All Women’s Healthcare also provide gynecological services and contraceptive counseling. Many patients at All Women’s Healthcare see a midwife for their routine gynecological care.

Special Procedures

All Women’s Healthcare performs many minimally invasive gynecological surgical procedures. They also offer a new procedure called the MonaLisa Touch, which treats postmenopausal vaginal dryness and inelasticity using a laser.
For women to be able to receive these services from the practitioners that they know and trust is hugely advantageous. Patients don’t have to deal with the anxiety of going to an outside provider to get the treatment they need.

Dr. Sara Grimes, MD

Finding a gynecologist that you trust can be difficult, but when you are discussing health matters that are incredibly personal, trust is essential. All Women’s Healthcare puts human relationships at the top of their priority list, so that women feel comfortable sharing their concerns and getting the solutions they need.

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