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5 Tips for a Healthy Spring Detox

Taking cues from Mother Nature helps us to not only feel better, but also align our bodies with the temperature and the outdoors, especially as we increasingly work in indoor environments. With that in mind, a little “Spring Detox” that focuses on renewal, revival, and growth can help us start this beautiful spring season with the best version of ourselves!
Oftentimes, when the word “detox” is thrown around, it’s all about taking things away. That may be a part of the plan, but I like to call it “crowding things out.” So instead of eating less sugar, we’re just going to “crowd out” the sugar with more fruits and vegetables. The goal is never to feel deprived, but to give our bodies what they crave, especially during the spring season.
Here are my 5 tips for a healthy Spring Detox:

Drink More Water!

Since over half of our body’s composition is made up of water, it’s no wonder that we can easily find ourselves dehydrated, causing issues such as headaches, fatigue, and constipation. When we consume enough water (about eight, 8-ounce glasses daily) our body is able to function at an optimal level. Drinking enough water throughout the day, and not just in large bursts, will help your body flush out toxins, getting rid of waste through the kidneys and maintaining regularity in your bowel movements. Water can also help you reduce cravings; if you’re hungry, drink a glass of water or eat fruits or vegetables with a high water content, then wait 10 minutes and see how you feel. Most likely, you won’t be aching for that cookie anymore because your stomach will be full! And the best part about water? It’s free!

Practice Detoxifying Twists During your Weekly Yoga Session

Ask any yoga teacher and they’ll tell you, twisting helps rid your body of toxins, energizes your organs, and helps align your spine so that you stand a little taller (and more confident). Think of twisting your body just like when you wring out a washcloth that’s soaked with water, except your body is getting rid of all those things that don’t serve you. Try a seated twist or lay down on the floor and twist, either way it’s truly invigorating. (For additional Yoga tips, check out this Yoga at Work article.)

IMG_0654Reduce your Sugar Intake

It’s surprising just how much sugar we consume on a daily basis when we aren’t reading labels. It’s recommended that we should only consume less than 6 teaspoons, however the average American consumes over 20 teaspoons daily. All that excess sugar found mostly in refined foods such as cereal, bread, and even flavored yogurt can cause more than just unwanted weight gain, including diabetes and inflammation.


Increase your Consumption of Leafy Greens

We all know that kale is a superfood, but don’t forget it’s leafy cousins including collards, dandelions, spinach, and swiss chard. These leafy greens are more than just a great addition to your weeknight meals, they’re packed with both fiber to help you feel full and antioxidants that target free radicals.

Eat Clean

What does that mean? If you can’t pronounce it on the ingredient label or you have absolutely no idea what it is, don’t eat it. Most of these foods are packed with refined sugar and empty calories that will just leave you hungry soon after. Instead, opt for whole foods including whole grains, fresh and frozen vegetables, and unprocessed versions of your favorite food (choose plain yogurt with fresh cut strawberries instead of strawberry flavored yogurt). By eating the foods in their original form, you’ll not only get all of the nutrients, but you’ll also be consuming satiating fiber.
Giving your body a little spring detox doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Instead, focus on moving your body, listening to what it needs, and noticing the difference after a day, a week, or if you can do it, a month. Most likely, it’ll turn into a lifestyle rather than just a “detox.”

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