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Student-Led Campus Kitchen Program Feeds the Hungry

Close to half of the food purchased in the United States is thrown away without ever being consumed. Moreover, one-in-six Americans suffer from food insecurity, meaning that they lack the income and resources to sufficiently provide their family and themselves with full, wholesome meals on a regular basis. In our nation’s capital, however, a selfless organization called The Campus Kitchen is looking to abandon this food-wasting trend.

On this episode of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato, show host Steve Adubato chats with Erich Sekel; he is the associate director of Campus Ministry for Community Service at St. Peter’s University. They discuss “The Campus Kitchen,” a student-led community service project providing free, healthy meals to local residents.

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How The Campus Kitchen Project Helps Feed the Hungry

The Campus Kitchen Project is a program headquartered in Washington, D.C., and is a national leader in community service for students. In fact, they’ve established various Campus Kitchens in high schools, universities and colleges across the nation. The Jersey City-based Campus Kitchen helped to serve more than 10,000 residents in its first year by using donated food that would otherwise go to waste.

“We were the 39th Campus Kitchen in the country and the second in New Jersey,” says Sekel, citing Atlantic City as the home to New Jersey’s other one.

Thanks to the New Jersey Education Association for making this video possible.

Sekel explains that nearly 17 percent of Americans suffer from food insecurity, and with approximately 40 percent of food going to waste in the United States, we can easily do something to change this situation. The project has taken initiative to help quell the food insecurity of countless families and individuals around the country.

St. Peter’s University’s Campus Kitchen collects food from dining halls, restaurants and grocery stores, as well as other establishments and individuals; the service then brings it back to St. Aedan’s Church. The university’s kitchen also prides itself on always providing individuals with full, healthy meals.

To learn more about how the Campus Kitchen program operates at St. Peter’s University, as well as what you can do to lend a helping hand, check out this edition of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato.

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