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McDonald’s Owner Celeste Quintana Talks Women in Leadership

Some of the strongest businesses in the country, as well as around the globe, are led by women. In fact, organizations that have three or more females in leadership roles often outperform most other organizations. New Jersey has birthed a number of these independent and capable leaders, including one who runs a dominant fast food franchise; her name is Celeste Quintana and she has owned and operated numerous McDonald’s restaurants for over 25 years.

As part of the Caucus Educational Corporation’s “Women in Leadership” series, Steve Adubato, Ph.D, spoke to Celeste Quintana, owner and operator of more than 10 McDonald’s restaurants in the Jersey City and Newark area. Quintana visited the set of One-on-One with Steve Adubato to share the successes and challenges for women leaders in and out of the C-Suite.

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From Fashion to Food

Quintana started her entrepreneurial career owning a clothing shop in Newark. From there, she ended up in the registered applicant program for McDonald’s; today, she owns a dozen of the fast food joints, where she is still a hands-on worker.

Celeste Quintana McDonald's
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When she says “hands-on,” she means it. As she puts it, Quintana can “make a burger; [she] could take a toilet apart; I could fix a grill; I can take a shake machine apart.”

The secret to Quintana’s success as an entrepreneur? Hard work, and lots of it. And she advocates as much to any woman hoping to follow in her footsteps.

“Just to be a hard worker,” she advised. “Be honest, be organized, and love whatever you are doing. Just love it with a passion that you wake up every day and you go into a party.”

Despite being the “boss” of 12 different McDonald’s restaurants, Quintana always commits to the same number of hours and manual labor that her employees do.

“The boss has to work harder than everybody else,” she said, “so that you can lead by example.”

To learn more about Quintana and how she made her dream to be a successful entrepreneur come true, check out this segment of One-on-One with Steve Adubato.

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One on One with Steve Adubato

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