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Inca Tea CEO Shares Secret Ingredient in New Line of Healthy Teas

In an era when processed foods are heavily dominating the consumer market, pure and all-natural products aren’t so easy to find. Tea, which is a staple in a number of other countries, is gradually becoming a mandatory beverage in every American household. But even in areas of the world where tea is popular, few people know about the secret ingredient utilized by Inca Tea.
The health benefits of most types of tea are well-documented – often outweighing the benefits of tea’s caffeinated counterpart, coffee – but one company in particular is partnering with a New Jersey Bed, Bath & Beyond to offer a new type tea with an ancient twist; one that is designed to be even more extraordinary.

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On this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, Ryan Florio, CEO (or “Tea” EO) of Inca Tea, stopped by the set to share the fascinating story behind a new brew that uses a South American ingredient famous for its health benefits.
In 2012, Florio took a trip to the land of the Incas in Peru, which inspired him to give up his job and cash in his savings. Following three previous operations on his knees and back, Florio’s doctors requested he not take a trip abroad, but he went anyway. Though it was often painful for him to even walk up a flight of stairs, he felt great on his hikes in Peru, and he credits an ancient tea for his positive health.
“[When my tour guide] boiled water over an open fire, he threw in purple corn, some cinnamon cloves, apples and pineapples, and made an old, ancient Incan tea,” Florio told show host Joanna Gagis. “And I drank it every day for the next 10 days during our 10-day hike, and I never felt physically better than I did during that 10-day hike.”
Florio went on to elaborate on the incredible health benefits that purple corn alone encompasses, as well as his popular teas. To learn more about Ryan Florio’s incredible journey, Inca Tea and the amazing health benefits of tea brewed with purple corn, check out this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis.
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