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Outdoor Essentials for Summertime Fun

Outdoor Essentials for Summertime Fun is sponsored by Investors Bank.

Summer is almost here so get prepared to spend lots of time outside. Whether you’re entertaining guests at home or hitting the beach or pool, there are lots of fun products to enhance the warm-weather experience. From inflatable toys to practical tools, these outdoor essentials make great gifts for someone special (or keep them for yourself, we won’t tell).

Here’s our list of outdoor essentials for your family to enjoy this summer:

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Inflatable Goal Post

summertime fun, outdoor essentialsThis 35-inch tall goal post is portable and inflatable so you can transport it anywhere with ease. Great for the beach, pool and backyard, it’s a summer must-have for water polo or soccer enthusiasts. Fill the anchor bags with sand to help keep the goals from floating away in the water. The set comes with a ball too.
Where to Buy: Max Warehouse
Price: $10.44

Whale Ice Bucket

outdoor essentials, summertime funNot just any run-of-the-mill ice bucket, this signature piece is perfect for anyone fascinated by aquatic life. The sleek, silver bucket from elegant gift company Olive & Cocoa is an eye-catching piece of party décor. Made from heavy aluminum with a polished finish and featuring a large interior for chilling your favorite beverages, it makes a great housewarming gift for families who love hosting outdoor soirees.
Where to Buy: Olive & Cocoa
Price: $239

Hanging Treehouse

summertime fun, outdoor essentialsWho needs hammer and nails to create an awesome treehouse in your backyard? This hanging treehouse doesn’t require any special tools and it won’t ruin your trees. It’s easy to assemble, lightweight and holds up to 500 lbs. Two mesh windows provide ventilation and the tent is made of UV and water-resistant nylon fabric. It’s portable too so pack it up for your summer beach or camping trip.
Where to Buy: TreePod
Price: $324.99

Picnic Table Condiment Set

summertime fun, outdoor essentialsNo backyard barbecue is complete without the perfect condiments to season your grub. So why not display them in a fun way on your picnic table? This Mr. Bar-B-Q condiment set includes ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles, along with salt and pepper shakers. And they’re all housed in a cute, easy-to-clean mini picnic table.
Where to Buy: Amazon
Price: $20.09

Vintage Snow Cone Maker

Snow Cone MakerOn scorching hot days, nothing beats the cooling sweetness of a flavored ice. Whip up your own treats all summer long with this vintage-style machine. Featuring a white exterior with gold-hued decoration, it makes multiple snow cones and comes with a side tray to hold the prepared cones. Great for parties or just for everyday fun at home.
Where to Buy: JCPenney
Price: $34.99

Inflatable Hammock

Inflatable HammockThis light, inflatable hammock is super easy to inflate, no pump required! It holds two people (up to 450 lbs total) and retains air for up to 8 hours of outdoor relaxation. The hammock weighs just over 2 lbs and comes with a headrest and storage bag for easy transport. Available in a variety of colors, it’s cute and practical for the backyard, beach, outdoor concert or picnic.
Where to Buy: WindPouch
Price: $55

Donut Beach Towel Blanket

Want to really stand out in the crowd at the beach or pool this summer? Bring along this oversized blanket shaped like a hot pink donut! Manufactured by BigMouth, Inc. the gigantic frosted donut beach towel blanket is 5-feet wide, really soft and a definite conversation piece. Makes a perfect birthday or hostess gift too.
Where to Buy: Francesca’s
Price: $25

Willow Picnic Basket

Picnic BasketSurprise your partner with a picnic under the stars with this beautiful, all-in-one Verona Willow Picnic Basket. It comes fully equipped with two 8 ounce wine glasses, a hardwood cutting board, cotton napkins, bottle stopper, corkscrew and stainless-steel cheese knife. Just add some wine, fruit, cheese and crackers, and you’re all set for a romantic outing.
Where to Buy: Bellacor
Price: $79.95

Uuni Wood-Fired Oven

You can’t have a backyard party without some type of stove or grill. The Uuni 3 is fantastic for entertaining friends or family outside. It reaches 932°F in just 10 minutes and can cook an authentic wood-fired pizza in 60 seconds. The oven doesn’t need to be plugged in and operates on special wood pellets, which are energy-dense and inexpensive. The Uuni 3 can also cook all types of meat, seafood, vegetables and flatbreads so it’s perfect for your next backyard barbecue.
Where to Buy: Uuni North America
Price: $299

Inflatable Rubber Duckie Float

Inflatable Rubber DuckThere’s no shortage of eye-catching pool floats out there–you’ll find everything from elegant swans to delicious-looking pizza slices. But how many of you pool owners have a huge—and we mean huge—inflatable Rubber Duckie? This 6-foot tall pool float is easily inflated with an air compressor. We can pretty much guarantee this whimsical summer toy will bring a smile to the face of kids both big and small.
Where to Buy: Bed Bath & Beyond
Price: $299.99

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