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12 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for NJ Kids

The latest update to 12 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for NJ Kids is written by Hope Daniels.

Think you’re almost done with your holiday shopping? What about those stocking stuffers? Sometimes parents put those off until the last minute, leaving nothing but stickers and candy to choose from. If you’re looking for some creative stocking stuffers, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 fun options that will bring smiles to your kids’ faces on Christmas morning.

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Educational Story Cubes

stocking stuffersPrice: $4.99 & up
Description: Rory’s Story Cubes allow a kid’s imagination to run—and literally, roll—wild. It’s simple: Roll the cubes and make up a story based on the whimsical pictures that appear. You can play by yourself or in a group, where each child or adult adds to the story based on the photo, or each child takes a turn telling one story based on the cube’s pictures. There’s no winner, loser, right or wrong answer and many different themes are available. This game encourages creativity, storytelling and teamwork.
Where to Buy: Available at Rory’s Story Cubes.

Personalized Pencils

stocking stuffers
Price: $11.00 for a set of 6 pencils
Description: Consider giving the kids in your life some inspirational, motivational pencils that come in a variety of colors. Created by Etsy seller TaylorElliotDesigns, these #2 pencils brighten up any desk. They’re made in the USA and packaged in a clear cellophane bag so they’re ready for gift-giving. Inspirational sayings include “Believe in Yourself,” “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome,” “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti” and more.
Where to Buy: Available at Etsy.com.

Origami Notepad

stocking stuffersPrice: $10.44 plus shipping
Description: Creating origami (paper art) helps pass time. Help your kids alleviate boredom over winter break with a fun and creative activity! This notepad contains 100 sticky notes (7.5 x 7.5 cm) with easy origami instructions to follow. Kids can bend and twist their little paper into 10 different shapes, such as a crane, boat, butterfly and lily.
Where to Buy: Available at Amazon.

Gumball Hairbands

stocking stuffersPrice: $8.50
Description: These gumball-style hairbands look good enough to eat! (No, they aren’t real gumballs.) Available locally, you can pick them up at a cute little shop in Verona. Each set of gumball hair ties includes 3 color combinations and are made of plastic/elastic. The shop also sells popsicle hair clips, puzzles, paper doll chains, felt hairclips and other fun gifts for kiddos.
Where to Buy: Find them at Nellie and Bean Mercantile

Flipbook Kit

stocking stuffers
Price: $12.00
Description: The original way to view an animated story was via Flipbooks in the 1800s; they’re considered to be the very first movies. In fact, Thomas Edison (yes, the lightbulb dude!) helped create the very first Flipbooks and they’re still around today. These cute make-your-own flipbook kits contain 2 pre-drawn flipbooks, 1 blank flipbook for creating your own story, 4 markers and 3 clips. Choose from Butterfly/Frog, Rocket/Robot or T. Rex/Pteranodon.
Where to Buy: Available at Uncommon Goods.

Chocolate Controller

stocking stuffersPrice: $9.00 for three
Description: If the gamer in your life is also a chocoholic, consider gifting them with these edible video game controllers. Etsy.com seller LunarWolfTreats sells homemade chocolate controllers in sets of 3, molded to resemble current and retro gaming console controllers. All three controllers weigh approximately 5 ounces of solid chocolate. They’re available in milk, white or dark chocolate varieties.
Where to Buy: Purchase at Etsy.com.


stocking stuffers
Price: $9.00 for micro, $18.00 for small
Description: Manufactured by Areaware, Cubebot starts as a wooden cube, transforms into a toy robot and then back to a cube again. It’s made of elastic and wood and can be positioned in many ways once it’s in robot form. Available in both micro and small sizes.
Where to Buy: Available directly from the manufacturer through their website.

Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

stocking stuffersPrice: $9.99
Description: Sometimes the coolest toys are the simplest toys. A classic kaleidoscope allows children to view amazing, colorful displays through a tube. Lights, mirrors and colored beads create the shapes that come alive inside a beautiful kaleidoscope. Just twist the top of the tube and watch the colors and patterns change.
Where to Buy: This DIY version is available via prezzybox, a UK company that ships to the US. The kit contains mirrors, tubes, lenses, beads and easy-to follow-instructions.

VR Goggles

Stocking StuffersPrice: $14.49
Description: Step up the tech a notch for your kids. This Discovery Kids virtual reality headset will make your adventure-seeking explorer’s head spin. Compatible with any iOS or Android smartphone, they can dive right into watching Discovery content — like Shark Week or Everest rescue — or immerse themselves in any other non-Discovery virtual reality content available in 360-degrees (including YouTube).
Where to Buy: Available at Amazon.

Vegan Nail Polish

stocking stuffersPrice: $9.75 each
Description: NYC kids flock to Milk & Cookies Kids Spa & Salon for haircuts, spa treatments, mani-pedis, tasty snacks and more. The shop recently launched its own exclusive vegan nail polish line called SPLAT. Available in 14 fun shades, SPLAT polish contains no harmful chemicals and makes a fab gift for a trendy kid.
Where to Buy: Available online through their website.

Puzzle and Poster

stocking stuffers

Price: Varies depending on store/seller.
Description: Crocodile Creek is known for its amazing array of toys and puzzles. This world map jigsaw puzzle teaches kids about geography in a fun and creative way. The finished puzzle measures 19″ wide x 13″ high and the matching poster is 16″ x 24″. This particular kit contains 200 thick puzzle pieces. It’s beautifully illustrated and made from high-quality, sturdy board. Other tube puzzles available include USA Map and Space.
Where to Buy: Available at Amazon.com.

Temporary Tattoos

stocking stuffers
Price: $2.00-3.00
Description: Kids love temporary tattoos because they’re a cool, fun way to showcase their unique taste. (And parents love them because they wash off.) Temporary tattoos are great stocking stuffers, available in many styles and sizes. For example, there are a variety of tattoos for boys and girls from the brand Meri Meri. They also carry other small items for kids such as magnetic bracelets, glow-in-the-dark jungle animals and much more.
Where to Buy: You can buy them directly from the manufacturer through their website.

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