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Steve Adubato Launches Lessons in Leadership Video Podcast

Emmy Award-winning anchor, motivational speaker, and leadership guru, Steve Adubato, PhD, has a new weekly program offering leadership tips. The new video podcast, Steve Adubato’s Lessons in Leadership with Co-host Mary Gamba, offers candid and relevant insight; in fact, each week Adubato and Gamba speak with the country’s most experienced and successful leaders.

Of course, the new series stems from Adubato’s years of experience offering leadership tips and tools to emerging leaders. “After writing my latest book, Lessons in Leadership, and two decades of leading seminars and coaching on these topics, the idea of a video podcast dealing with leadership issues made perfect sense,” Adubato says. “So, together with my longtime colleague and partner, Mary Gamba, we decided to make Lessons in Leadership a fun, practical, and engaging program that can be found on a variety of platforms.”

Lessons in Leadership can be seen on News 12+ on Sundays at 10:00 am; you can also listen to the radio version on New York’s AM970 The Answer on Sundays at 2 pm. Finally, Lessons in Leadership is also available as a podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify. You can see new episodes of the video version on both YouTube and Steve Adubato’s website. Click here to watch the latest video.

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The Best Leaders Offer Their Lessons in Leadership

Podcast guests include Ira Robbins, President and CEO of Valley Bank; Michele Siekerka, President & CEO of New Jersey Business & Industry Association; Dr. Joel Bloom, President of New Jersey Institute of Technology; Ken Daneyko, Former Defenseman, for the New Jersey Devils (NHL); as well as Pat Lyons, Executive VP, Chief of Staff at Seton Hall University.

But Lesson’s in Leadership isn’t just an intro course with basic tips; instead, the program offers valuable tips and insight to leaders at all levels.

“Here’s the deal. Every leader struggles (I am at the top of that list),” Adubato admits. “We are challenged every day, so a platform where listeners can learn from the best leaders in all professional arenas is timely and relevant.”

“In addition, Mary Gamba and I talk candidly about what we’ve learned as leaders and share real-life experiences that our clients at our firm Stand & Deliver have faced, without using names of course,” he continues. “So, for any leader, manager, or entrepreneur who wants to improve his or her skills, Lessons in Leadership is programming you can’t afford to miss.”

The Latest Episode

In this edition of Lessons in Leadership, Michele Adubato, CEO, North Ward Center, talks with Steve Adubato about how to motivate your team, the importance of self-reflection and the pitfalls of micromanaging.

Recent Topics

Tune in as Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba speak with Joel Bloom, EdD, President of NJIT. Bloom shares the lessons he has learned leading during COVID-19, including the importance of sharing accurate, concise and timely information with your key stakeholders.

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